June 3, 2023

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Alain Borset: “The next possible course of action will be closures” – rts.ch

Alain Berset announced on Wednesday that it would not take further action despite the outbreak of Omicron cases. The reason stated by the Minister? The current state of hospitals does not justify making horrific decisions such as closing restaurants and cultural venues.

More than 17,000 contaminants were recorded in Switzerland between Tuesday and Wednesday, a figure that has never been reached since the outbreak. Faced with this situation, many zones are asking for a screw federal turn. However, no new action has been announced by Bernal.

“The time has not yet come for the federation to take new steps to combat the epidemic,” Alain Borset tweeted. “But the next package – with closures – is ready,” the health minister said.

Role: Situation in hospitals

To the question asked in the forum, Alan Berset supported this decision by recalling the Federal Council’s strategy: “Guiding us hour by hour, the condition of hospitals, which is the evolution of hospital admissions and caregivers, we have a line, before we stick to the critique.” He replied.

Alain Borset also recalls the novelty of the situation associated with the Omicron variant. If the increase in pollution is not surprising to the health minister, the evolution of the epidemic is now following an uncertain course. Therefore, the federation wants to “see first hand what will happen before taking action,” he explains.

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Political responsibility

The head of state also declares that action cannot be taken lightly. “We took very drastic measures before Christmas and they are now having an effect,” he explains, noting that the next possible steps will necessarily be closures. These are “very horrible decisions, we only want to make them as a last resort,” he explains.

The Socialist Federal Councilor reiterates that there is no question of him returning to an “extraordinary situation”, allowing him to carry out national actions. By law, this condition is only possible if there is an immediate and unforeseen danger, which does not exist today.

Alain Borset reiterates that the responsibility for making such decisions lies in politics. The Federal Council “listens to all players involved” and then takes these comments into account.

“The feeling of a broken record”

To avoid taking new steps, Alain Berset launches a new call for the vaccine – recalling that the vast majority of people in intensive care are not vaccinated – and encourages people to register to receive more stimulant doses.

“I have the idea of ​​a broken record,” he finally joked about the many reminders of the ban.

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