June 1, 2023

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Alain Dekoyil, a member of the anti-vaccine movement in Martinique, died in Kovit-19.

Alain Decaille Facebook

Alain Decaille, in a photo posted on her Facebook profile in March 2018.

Govt-19 – Two union representatives rally against vaccination duty in Martinique, in which Alain Decoil, president of Martinique’s Federation of Independent Taxis, dies. Govit-19, AFP learned from hospital services this Tuesday, December 21st.

According to union sources, like the other participants, including the head of the provincial council, they may have been affected during a meeting with the province. Martinique, Stanislas Cazelles.

“Unfortunately, I am an example to those who have been vaccinated and are still suffering from Govt disease. But that explains the safety of the vaccine, which means I had very few symptoms for two days and nothing, ”the prefect underlined during his first visit to an interim vaccination center after ten days of isolation.

Alain Decaille passed away on Monday at the age of 61. Since September, he has organized several snail operations on the island in protest of the vaccination duty imposed on his company.

After suffering from Kovit-19 disease, he was admitted to the hospital for three weeks and was treated in intensive care, Martinique University Hospital said.

Infectious work meetings

Aimé Agat, leader of the union for the protection of Martinique artists, died Monday, at the age of 48, after being admitted to hospital in intensive care, according to hospital services.

The two unionists took part in an inter-union strike on November 22, 2021, calling for a general strike. Health Pass.

Dams were built on the island For ten days, he set up workshops on seven different topics, including health, youth, expensive living, and transportation, before a one-time agreement was signed with state officials. Chlordekonemia, Fishing and Culture.

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It was only after one of these work meetings that many, including union members and the prefect, were declared positive.

“In fact, many members of the union have received it. I had it,” AFP confirmed to Olivier Labastide, president of the Martinique Taxi Federation, while several union representatives confirmed to AFP, anonymously, that they had been infected with the virus, without mentioning their vaccine status.

“Was there any audacity? I don’t think we took the maximum precautionary measures, the barricades were respected, we valued the distance, and the queen kept it while focusing on the barrier measures,” Oliver Lapostide continued.

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