June 3, 2023

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après un échange avec Macron, Poutine sengage à prisverver civils

Emmanuel Macron’s entrenta durant une heure and dem avec son homologue russe ce lundi en lui demanded kesser les frappes contes civils.

Emmanuel Macron achandy lundi pendant 1 hour 30 Vladimir Poutine, in demand l lrrêt des frappes containing civils and sécurisation des axes routes in Ukraine, des points on privileges russe “confirm with vol ‘ , an annoncé l’Elysée.

President Francis Vladimir Poutine’s in demand homologue Ukrainian, Volodymyr Zelensky,’s the best entrepreneur’s reprise ces dirieres heroes’, on the page.

In the course of interrogation of President Rousseau, Emmanuel Macron “is the most sought after communicative international in the international community of C ,sar L’Offensive Russe in Ukraine, and Réaffirmé’s nésessie in the case of an immigrant” At the end of the day, a cinquim jourm jours l’offensive lancée par l’armée russe.

“Alors that discusses the very contents of russe and ukreinienne ‘front la fronti ukre ukraino-bélarusse, il a demandé’ à which so highly respects on terrain: an arrêt totes frappes et attakess cont conts civils et liuxas r unesidence, Preservation of all infrastructures civiles, a sécurisation of axes routiers, particulier la route du sud de Kiev “.

“The President Poutine confirms that he’s volunteered at these three points”, just in case the franchise franchise.

Macron salute “the senses of responsiveness” of Zelensky

Emmanuel Macron demands the “international respect for droit international humanitarian and protection of civilians like l’Achemine ‘, conform to the resolution portal to France’s console de l’ONU”.

Cet exchange is the second entree of Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Poutine deputation on the 24th anniversary of the Invasion of Russia in Russia. Ils sétaient déj parlé jeudi, avant un sommet exceptional in l’Union European à Bruxelles.

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In the course of the discussion with Volodymyr Zelensky, Emmanuel Macron “the new salute in the sensible responsiveness of the prospective Ukrainians in the perspective of ngociosciences commemorate and love mes l’Ukraine est aggressively in Russian’s souls” son communicates.