June 1, 2023

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Arbitration panel of black jaguar white killers, eleven whites and one African-American in the United States

African-Americans have been excluded from the panel of twelve, with one exception, by an arbitral tribunal elected to hear three white men accused of the murder of black jaguar Ahmed Arbury on Thursday, November 4th. And four alternatives. “This is slander”, Attorney Ben Crumb, an expert in cases dealing with violence against African Americans, condemned in a statement “The cynical attempt to help murderers escape justice”.

“It’s very difficult for the family, they want a fair trial without racial discrimination, but it’s part of our system.”Lee Merritt, a lawyer defending Ahmed Arbery’s mother, also told local media. This, Wanda Cooper-Jones, said to himself “I was shocked”.

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On February 23, 2020, while his son was jogging in Brunswick, Georgia, he was chased by 65-year-old Gregory McMichael, his 35-year-old son Travis and a neighbor, William Bryan, 52. After an argument, young McMichael shoots and kills the Joker. All three promised to take him away for a robbery, and the law of this southern state authorized the arrest of ordinary citizens.

Delay charge

For nearly three months, the services of Gregory McMichael, a retired police officer and longtime local attorney, did not make any arrests. A video of the play was aired in early May 2020, and all three were arrested and charged. “Murder”.

On October 18, a Brunswick court summoned a thousand potential jurors to decide the identity of the Black Lives Matter movement (the “black life thing”). After two-and-a-half weeks of questioning, sixty-four candidates were selected, including a dozen African Americans, which represent a quarter of the district’s population, where a quarter of the population is black.

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On Wednesday, the defendants’ attorneys challenged all black people except one. In the United States, it is forbidden to exclude a jury solely on the basis of his or her race, and the attorney asked the judge if this maneuver is invalid. Magistrate Timothy Wallsley refused. “Looks like deliberate discrimination”, He agreed. But defense lawyers “I was able to explain to the court regardless of the question of why [ethnique], They challenged these jurors.

Another arbitral tribunal is controversial

Judge Timothy Wallsley will hear Ahmed Arbery's first hearing in Cline County Court Nov. 4.

The trial is set to begin on Friday and will continue for several weeks. Paradoxically, another arbitral tribunal of almost the same color (eleven white and one color) was the subject of controversy on Thursday in Kenosa, north of the country.

In August 2020, the city was set on fire by white police who shot and wounded a young black man named Jacob Blake in the back. On the sidelines of the protests, a young man, Kyle Rittenhouse, opened fire on protesters, killing two and wounding one.

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On the fourth day of his trial, the judge dismissed the jury member, a white pensioner, who mocked him for making a mistake in the appearance of the case. “Why did the police shoot Jacob Blake seven times?” “ He started the previous day in shape “Comedy”, To the court officer accompanying him. “Because she left the bullets …”

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