May 30, 2023

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Assu 2000 employee Jack Booty testified against

Inès tells BFMTV that he was victimized by the inappropriate comments and gestures of the former CEO of Asu 2000, which has been accused of human trafficking and the rape of a minor.

Inès * defines himself as Jacques Bouthier’s “target”. For two and a half years, this employee of Assu 2000 saw the group’s CEO, Noisy-le-Sec, coming down to her open space and welcoming her.

“When I shook his hand, I noticed very quickly that he was very persuasive,” he tells BFTMV. “He was pressing my hand, but he would not let go. Then I learned the motive: it made my heart flutter”.

The young woman says she has been the subject of many misconceptions by Jack Boutier: ‘You look so beautiful today, you’m often dressed up’ ‘.

“I had the right to phrases like, ‘If you want, I’ll take you home tonight and you can ride in my Mustang car,'” he continues for BFMTV.

“I always have this little lump in my stomach”

He says he met the CEO at the company car park one evening and warned that he was going to follow her in the car to his house. Jack sets out Inès strategies to avoid bodhisattva at any cost. She says he went so far as to hide in the bathroom when he arrived.

“I always had this little lump in my stomach (…) ‘I kept telling myself’ don’t dress today, otherwise he will make you think if you ever meet him ”, the young woman explains. “Don’t wear too much cropped or slightly cropped top. I dressed to suit him.”

No interviews with HRD are available

In the open, the CEO’s delight is noticed by his colleagues. The director and the HR department spoke to the young woman several times about this: “They called me and said, ‘We see Jack Boodier acting towards you, we see these facts and these behaviors, there is nothing acceptable, it will change.”

“We promise he’s not going to do it again, it’s not going to happen again,” the director and the HR department would have told him, “but in the end nothing has changed. He came back the next day. It was.”

Activities that continued until Jacques Bouthier was jailed last May. Inès now plans to file a complaint of sexual harassment. Jack Boutierre, who has been jailed on charges of “human trafficking” and “child rape”, is already facing sexual harassment charges. Complaint lodged by a former employee of Asu 2000.

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*: First name changed.

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