May 30, 2023

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At Kellogg’s, a prosperous strike turned the balance of power in favor of workers upside down

In the heart of the Amish country, Pennsylvania, with its red farms and long grain elevators, is the Kellogg factory that makes breakfast cereals. Tom Roberts, 57, is staging a picket fight with a dozen comrades in front of one of the two entrances to the Lancaster site. This Friday, October 22, the worker is on strike for his third week. He sniffs the air and observes the factory working outside. “They’re trying to produce, but we don’t see smoke coming out of the chimney. They can’t.”, Although the company claims its factories, he said with confidence “Operational”, Thanks to the outside staff who brought us on the bus. The mood is happy. In the company of his colleagues, he is frying us a cheese burger, don’t worry.

We have never seen a strike on Kellogg’s for decades. A prosperous strike, where the balance of power was turned upside down in favor of workers. Tom Roberts earns $ 30 an hour, four times the Pennsylvania minimum wage. He did not worry: in a country where labor shortages were generalized, he, meanwhile, applied for a job at the factory opposite the factory, Charles & Alice, which produces fruit compote and planted a beautiful mark: “We hire.” “They contacted me and I didn’t have time to call them back. “

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The main demand of the strikers is to put an end to the two tier pay system, Mr. Leads players like Roberts earn $ 30 an hour and most recent hires $ 18. This low wage was accepted by the unions in 2015, and due to difficulties at this time, Kellogg threatened to close two of the four American factories to relocate to Mexico. The company wants to generalize the system, which is currently limited to 30% of employees, which could lead to the destruction of veterans’ status.

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The reverse of the power balance

The unions want to get out of the health crisis and go back, believing the situation has changed. “They made more money than ever before during the Govt-19 epidemics,” he said. Dave Elliott, 58, who has been an electrician for three decades, pleaded guilty. In a controlled state, the Americans ate grain, while the workers at Kellogg’s were among the few who worked to produce the much-needed food. “We have not stopped production. The police are asking for our essential employee badge. The company called us heroes. Thank you to us second class employees.”, He continues.

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