January 29, 2023

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At least ten people have been injured in bombings in Kiev

A villa in Fiaridz, owned by Vladimir Putin, the former son-in-law of the Russian president, was placed on the list of “frozen” real estate by Persia because they belong to EU-recognized personalities. To Russian power.

In mid-March, three men who had entered the Alta Mira villa owned by Grill Shamalov and carried the Ukrainian flag were summoned to order at the end of police custody for this “violation”. Citizenship “.

The villa is now on a list of more than 500 people and companies owned by the Ministry of Real Estate, Economy and Finance, which is under EU sanctions imposed after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. To prevent their sale.

Its owner, Kirill Chamalov, Mr. After the marriage of Putin’s youngest child Katerina Tikhonova, he is presented by the international media as the former son – in – law of the Russian president.

According to a source close to the case, Pierre Hoffner, also known as the “Yellow Robe”, was one of the three people who entered the villa, and a man posing as an opponent of Vladimir Putin’s regime.

In a video posted on YouTube by a local activist, one of the two was seen strolling through a huge apartment building built on the side of a cliff under Napoleon III and taking in the breathtaking view of the sea. “This house was bought with money stolen by Putin, from his mafia, from the Russian people and from Putin’s oppressed people by Russia.”He said in the comments.

In another video, posted on YouTube, the second person in question waved the Ukrainian flag on one of the two terraces of the villa, with a picture similar to “It simply came to our notice then. Capture of Putin’s palace.

At the end of February, an Art Deco-style residential villa outside Susanna, an Anglet near Piarritz, owned by a real estate company named after Russian President Lyudmila and his ex-wife, was built facing the sea. Her husband, Russian businessman Arthur Ocheretny, was humiliated.

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