May 30, 2023

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Attack on Capitol: “President must intervene soon”, speeches drowning Trump

“We are besieged here on Capitol Hill.” Is Trump going to say anything? ““ We are all helpless. On January 6, 2021, agitated lawmakers sent text messages to Donald Trump’s last commander-in-chief. Call on the President of the United States to call for peace His supporters attacked the Capitol, The seat of federal legislative power, to prevent Joe Biden’s victory on the presidential ballot from being invalidated.

Fox News personalities and legal experts have also commented on this. And Donald Trump Jr., the eldest son of the conservative president, was very direct: “The president must intervene soon,” “We need an address from the Oval Office. He must now take the lead. He’s gone too far. “Capitol police tweet was not enough” which elicited this response from Meadows: “I push hard. I agree”.

Some elements of Donald Trump and his entourage Try to hide Weeks released last night Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry Of the Jan. 6 incidents in which four people died, more than 140 were injured and shocked the United States.

The panel had met to decide whether or not to prosecute Mark Meadows for insulting Congress, he denied. Respond to his sapona Ask and answer questions. This is a legal-political game that has been in effect for several weeks, the former president said I try all the way He and his collaborators must obtain the “administrator’s privilege” to be recognized and the details of January 6 to be kept secret in the National Archives.

“Danger Prison”

In March 2020, Meadows, 62, was born in Verdun, France, in the U.S. military stronghold of a former Republican representative of North Carolina, President Trump’s fourth “staff leader” and delivered thousands of pages of official documents, emails and text messages. Investigators, but there Refuses to come and testify To the Commission. However, many questions need to be asked.

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On Sunday, the group noted that in an email to an unnamed speaker, Meadows said that “there will be a National Guard to protect pro-Trump people” and that many more will be on standby. Meadows is said to have exchanged messages with the organizer of the rally and advised him after writing that “things have gone crazy, I need so much guidance”. “SMS and Mark Meadows’ emails reveal his deep implications in preparation for the January 6 attack,” Jamie Ruskin, who was elected Monday evening, estimated.

Unanimously, at 8pm local time (2am French time), the group voted in favor of suing Meadows. The recommendation of these nine elected officials must be approved by the House of Representatives on Tuesday before being sent to the Ministry of Justice. The final decision on blaming Mark Meadows rests with him. In mid-November, Steve Bannon, Trump’s former gray genius, Congress has been accused of “blocking” trial privileges.

Adam Schiff, an elected Democrat and member of the commission, warned in a statement that if other witnesses planned not to respond to the special commission’s summons, they too could “endanger prison”.

Eager to give the Supreme Court time to agree with him on reading the US Constitution, Trump ordered his followers to shut up in the face of the “witch hunt.” Last week, an appeals court ruled that Donald Trump could not seek the president’s privileges to prevent him from being sent to the White House for a telecommunications investigation. The former president still has a few days to appeal to the sages of the Supreme Court.

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