May 30, 2023

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BAT tobacco factory in Boncourt to close despite workers’ proposals –

It’s over for the old Burruss factory: proposals by employees and unions to save all or part of the Jura site have been rejected by British American Tobacco (BAT) management. Bancourt Kampum, which employs 220 people, will close in 2023.

During the consultation, the employees indicated that they were ready to reorganize the entire operation of the Bancourt factory: while the group’s British management said it was impressed, it did not change its mind. So it was all for nothing.

The board’s decision is irreversible, a global strategy, with other sites in Europe affected.

It was on October 27 that the tobacco company announced the closure of the Bancourt site. But by law, he had to open a consultation period. Together with the Staff Commission and the unions, 36 people spent more than 3 weeks trying to get BAT to reconsider its objectives.

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Several waves of layoffs

“During the next year, in several waves, layoffs will be pronounced,” said Yves Deferrard of the Union union on Wednesday, confirming the information of RTS. However, Labor representatives pointed out that “considerable” improvements have been achieved at the community level, “even if a group like BAT has delivered more”.

The social plan has guarantees of payments, maturing over several years, provides for early retirement, takes into account family circumstances and facilitates the search for a new job.

A 13-member panel worked towards this goal with 16 rounds of negotiations. “It’s a good social project”, detailed Yves Deferrard, admitting that disappointment dominates.

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The blow is also hard on public authorities, as BAT is one of the highest taxpayers in the Jura province. The municipality of Pancourt, with 1200 inhabitants, has also postponed the development of its 2023 budget to await the BAT’s decision. The city’s mayor noted that a 25% budget hole would need to be plugged if BAT left.

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Burrus, which became BAT, was founded in 1814. Between Cigarettes and Boncourt, the love story spanned more than two centuries.

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