June 3, 2023

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Belarus says migrant camps on the Polish border have been evacuated

Belarusian news agency Felda announced, supports photosOn Thursday, November 18, immigrants left two main camps they had occupied near Brusky, Belarus, on the Polish border, and many of them were taken to nearby hangars.

A spokesman for the Polish border guards confirmed the evacuation. They ” Now vacant, immigrants may have been taken to a logistics and transportation center far from the Brooky border post., He also confirmed. “There are no other camps of this type (…), but groups trying to cross the border have appeared elsewhere. We will see what happens in the next few hours (…) there are still people around but it is clearly empty, ”he continued.

At the same time, about 430 Iraqis have volunteered to return to Iraq, said Majid al-Gilani, Iraq’s ambassador to Russia, citing the Associated Press. The Iraqi Airways flight took off from Minsk to Baghdad in the afternoon, where the government announced. “Return” Its citizens “Volunteers”.

  • “Fake news” about repatriation

Iraqis board a flight to Baghdad in Minsk on Thursday, November 18, 2021.

“About 7,000” The Belarusian president said on Thursday that there are currently about 2,000 immigrants in Belarus, including about 2,000 on the Polish border. Her spokeswoman Natalia Eismond said Minsk would take steps to repatriate 5,000 migrants, and German Chancellor Angela Merkel promised to hold talks with the European Union. “Humanitarian Corridor” The remaining 2,000 were to be deported to Germany. German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer visits Warsaw “I contacted immediately” President after hearing Belarusian reports “It simply came to our notice then Fake news.

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For their part, Polish security forces announced the arrest of 100 migrants trying to cross the border with Belarus from Wednesday 17th to Thursday night, November 18, accusing Warsaw Minsk of plotting the attempt.

The Polish Ministry of Defense blamed the Belarusians “Forced to throw stones at Polish soldiers to divert attention from immigrants.” “Attempt to cross the border took place a few hundred meters away”, Near the village of Dubicze Cerkiewne, the ministry said.

Video released by the Ministry of Defense shows Polish soldiers encircling a large group of migrants lying on the ground at night in a forest near a barbed wire fence. “Attack yesterday [mercredi] Conducted by Special Forces [de la Biélorussie], Once again accused the minister. The incident could not be verified independently because journalists on the Polish side were denied access to the border area.

In another incident, video footage released by Belarusian border guards showed a Lithuanian border guard biting a man lying on the ground in a sleeping bag. Lithuanian border guards have admitted the incident, saying they were trying to push a group of immigrants into Belarus and that border guards had not seen the immigrant.

The G7 nations called for an end to Belarus on Thursday “At the same time” He blamed Minsk for the migration crisis on the EU border “Distract” Violations of international law and human rights. The West accuses Minsk of arranging the visit from the summer, 2020, in response to Western sanctions against Belarus following the repression of a historic anti-government movement.

In a statement, the UK Foreign Ministers (which is the rotating leader of the G7) condemned France, the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan and the European Union. “Synchronization of Belarusian regime of illegal immigration beyond its borders”. “We urge the regime to immediately suspend its campaign of aggression and exploitation to avoid further casualties and suffering.”, Said.

The G7 called on Minsk to provide international systems “Immediate and unrestricted access to humanitarian assistance” And his revealed “Unity” Poland, Lithuania and Latvia, victims “Provocative use of illegal immigration”.

  • New Lukashenko-Merkel interview

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko and German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke by phone during the day for the second time in three days to discuss the issue, which is causing serious tensions between Moscow-backed EU and Belarus.

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Isolated from the international scene Minsk argued on Wednesday, the appeal between MMe Merkel and Lukashenko reached an agreement on setting up Belarus-EU talks. But the announcement was immediately accepted by Berlin, which only mentioned the cooperation between Minsk and the European Union to provide humanitarian assistance to migrants stranded on the border. Only the European Commission triggers “Discussion Techniques” With Minsk, to be deported to their native country of emigration, formerly Belarus “Provide access to humanitarian assistance and provide shelter for immigrants in the country”.

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