May 30, 2023

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Biden’s new social and environmental spending plan halves to mobilize the last two skeptical Democrats

Its amount was halved to convince the last to refuse. Outlines of the Built Back Better Project (“Built Meat Better”), a plan to fund ambitious social and environmental policies, was presented by US President Joe Biden on Thursday, October 28th.

“After tough and serious negotiations, we have a structural agreement and I hope it can be accepted.”, He tweeted, In favor ofPress release listing key activities His plan. He arrived in Capitol in the afternoon to meet with elected Democrats. He will then return to the White House to address the PST at 5:30 p.m.

An agreement would represent a major political victory for the US president, who has invested part of his presidency in accepting large-scale investment plans to reform the United States.

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Mr Biden went to Congress to pass it “As soon as possible” This bill a $ 1,750 billion (1,500 billion euros) in a decade. Congress also needs to review a second plan of $ 1,000 billion Modernizing the country’s infrastructure.

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The White House points out that Biden asked “Opinions of all parties” And “Negotiated in good faith” With centrist senators Joe Mancin and Kirsten Cinema, the Congress leadership and A.J. “Wide members of Congress”. Mr. Manjin and Mr.Me Cinema is necessary to carry out these plans, because the Democratic majority in the Senate is slim, and a single dissenting voice equals a veto. Both of these senators have so far banned and overestimated the amount and opposed the way to finance it, especially the tax increase on companies or wealthy families.

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Mr. Biden and his administration reiterated the importance of these programs, arguing that the United States was losing its competitiveness and being seen as the poorest student in developed countries in terms of education, the environment or the social security network.

In a document published on his site, The White House indicates that this plan will allow “Most American households want to save more than half of their childcare costs” And “Every 3 and 4 year old in the United States will be offered two years of free preschool”. Today, most schools in the country do not welcome children under the age of 5.

The plan includes tax breaks for children and expanding access to home care.

555 billion for climate

The President of the United States also wants to present a picture of a country to his international partners – the G20 in Italy, Glasgow (Scotland), and the Climate Parties Conference (COP26). In the fight against energy change and growth, as well as social inequalities and tax evasion.

Thus the White House insisted In his press release que le plan Bild Back Better continent “The biggest effort [financier] The struggle against climate change in American history ”, Or $ 555 billion.

If approved, the project will significantly reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution. “Will reduce[it] Consumer energy costs (…), Creating[it] Hundreds of thousands of high quality jobs and preferences[it] Promoting Environmental Justice “. This is an investment “Unique (…) In history “, Which targets buildings, transportation, industry, electricity, agriculture and water.

“This framework will put the United States on the right track to meet its climate objectives, reducing GHG emissions by 50% to 52% by 2030 to below 2005 levels.”

The White House says it can fund the project “Big Profitable Companies”. So the measures to ensure these companies are in the bill “Their tax rates cannot be reduced to zero” Also includes arrangements for millionaires and millionaires to get more out of their hands.

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