June 3, 2023

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Blanker plans to pass the health protocol on “Level 2” at the school

7:18 a.m .: Visit theaters and theaters in France

Attendance at cinemas and live shows in France dropped by about 25% at the beginning of the year compared to the same period as before the health crisis, according to Culture Minister Roslyn Bachelot. In all, ministry figures show that nearly 14 billion euros have been raised for the cultural world in France since the beginning of the health crisis.

6:58 a.m .: Honduras’ new president Xiomara Castro test positive

Xiomara Castro, 62, who took office as President of Honduras on January 27, announced on Sunday that he had contracted the Govit-19 virus. The president received only two doses of the vaccine.

6:39 a.m .: 3.5 million people are trapped in China

The city of Bais, with a population of 3.5 million in southern China, was isolated after the appearance of the Govt lawsuits during the Winter Olympics. Since Sunday evening, residents will no longer be able to leave the area and residents of so-called danger areas (where cases have been identified) will be barred from leaving their homes.

6:17 a.m .: The test was positive, with Papua’s prime minister reducing his stay in Beijing

The Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea, who tested positive when he arrived in Beijing, had to cancel the schedule of one-on-one meetings with Chinese leaders and return home. James Marap had flown to China to attend the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics, but was “tested positive when he arrived in Beijing last Thursday”. His trip to France for the “One Ocean Summit” to be chaired by Emmanuel Macron has also been canceled.

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6 a.m .: Australia reopens its borders to tourists on February 21st

On February 21, Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced on Monday that Australia would reopen its borders to fully vaccinated tourists, following the imposition of some of the world’s toughest entry restrictions. The largest island-continent closed its borders in March 2020, trying to use its patent to protect itself from the plague. For the past two years, Australians have often not been allowed to leave their country, and only a few visitors have been exempted from entering the border. Gradually, restrictions were relaxed for Australians, long-term residents and students. This new opening is part of the abandonment of the so-called “Zero Covid” rigorous policy before it was overturned by a wave of Omigron variation.

5:50 am: Jean-Michel Blanquer hopes to fulfill health protocol “at level 2” at school

The consultation is set to begin this week on lowering the minister’s health ethics at the school. Called to CNEWS, National Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanker explained that there is “hope of going to 2nd grade in school” (currently against 3rd), which is off the mask (on the playground, for example). He explained that these meetings would make it possible to define a timetable for reducing health activities. The government had already indicated that it intended to launch the relaxation after the winter holidays.

36.57 million French people received the booster dose

Since the start of the recall campaign, 36.57 million French people have received the booster dose. In total, 54.08 million people have been vaccinated with at least one vaccine (i.e. 80.2% of the total population) and 52.91 million people are now fully vaccinated (78.5%).

5:48 a.m .: The situation in Ottawa is “out of control”, a state of emergency is declared

A state of emergency has been declared in the Canadian capital, Ottawa, where anti-health protesters have blocked the city. The mayor, Jim Watson, was wary of the situation in his city. He lamented on local radio on Sunday, “The current situation is not completely under control because the protesters are making the law.” We are losing the war, (…) we need to get our city back. ⁇

The movement, dubbed the “Free Conway”, was initially intended to protest against the decision to force truckers across the border between Canada and the United States to be vaccinated, but it soon turned into a movement against health measures. Overall against the government of Justin Trudeau for some more.

5:47 am: Slight increase in hospital admissions, less pollution

According to French Health Statistics, 33,027 patients diagnosed with Covid disease are currently being treated in hospitals in France (+160 in 24 hours). Of them, 3,577 were placed in intensive care (29 in 24 hours).

155 439

On Sunday, 155,439 new cases were detected, compared to 214,542 on Saturday and 249,448 seven days earlier.

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What to remember from Sunday

  • Portugal has relaxed the health rules for travelers holding the European Health Pass, which certifies recovery after vaccination, testing or Covit-19 infection for less than six months. There is no need to provide a negative test to enter the territory.
  • The UK is set to drop 3.5 million doses of Pfizer vaccines ahead of the Christmas holidays, but they are about to expire.
  • On Saturday, anti-health protests in Canada gained momentum. We participate in this article.

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