June 1, 2023

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Camp Les campagnes russes désinformation sont pines for cibler points files in chak societé

Vera Jourova, vice-president of the European Commission, travaux mens on lininstitution concerning lutte contre les insinuations extriages, la protection li liberté des médias et la defence de l’Etat de droit.

Quotes your moines dont use l eion eropionne to contare hybrid hybrid (cyberrattaques, campagnes de disinformation é) menus russie dans in cry actulele avec l’ukraine?

The Kremlin uses these attaques as permanent depots for longtemps. The first choice is our devons donc faire this cesser daifre et lous sous-estimer. These campagnes of disinformation sont pines for writing points files in check societies. Parfois, on the other hand, is the author’s historian, listener, convincing gens that you’ll find your rhyme sovietique more just, more sire. The secret is to buy the most beautiful sociaous bouquet of yours, in your mind, the public check.

In contexte l’scalade des tensions with l’Ukraine, messages insistent on l fait que l’Ukraine & l’OTAN) who are the most appreciative of Kiev’s one gnocide des populations russophones in donbass on repré 2 700 examples of this type in 2021. All monts have a plan coordinator. In this diffile con lîimpact of this dinsinformation on public opinions, but, Slovakie par exemple, un rént sontage montre 44% des habitants pens effectiveness, l’OTAN est l’origine de la crese entre la Russie et l’Ukraine. Confrontés is a tel lavage de cerveaux, imagine the difficult difficulties of governing domocratiques for convincing leurs citoyens sly devi agir in this crisis

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In Europe, we have the highest quotation marks on the Prix server in liberté d’Expression. Interdire content or medias is a solution to dernier searches. If you do not find what you are looking for then just ask. This is the commission’s travel travel actulelement the code of bonus pratiques, the most interesting of the most sought after publications on the adoption of wrestlers’ visuals and diffusion messages. Our voulons have plates-formats embossed as personal information, journalists or fact-checkers, for a thousand distractions, including faits, opinions and personal information. On the American code code sign and enter the veteran dici au mois de mars.

Pour quo’s most of the European apparatus’ most disposable dialogues with the Kremlin’s at l’Est?

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