June 3, 2023

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Canaries: Dogs mysteriously disappear from Gumbre Vija surrounded by volcanoes

The case appealed to Spain. Four dogs have mysteriously disappeared after being trapped in volcanic eruptions on the island of La Palma.

In the pictures that have been circulating on the internet for a few days, I was able to see these Dogs The Kampre Viza volcano near the city of Dodok was eroded and trapped in a kind of volcanic wall.

Concerned about the fate of these dogs, residents of La Palma Island and other Canary Islands and beyond have appealed for help. With the support of animal rights associations, Aerocameras responded positively, after benefiting from an agreement with the authorities to evict the dogs using a giant drone that weighed fifty kilos and had a large solid web.

Last Thursday, when the company sent a drone to the area, the dogs were nowhere to be seen. This Friday, the company decided to suspend its recovery operation.

He said through his Twitter account, “After spying on the entire security perimeter of the dogs’ location, we can confirm that his drones have not detected any traces of the animals.”

Surprising recovery

The mysterious disappearance coincided with “traces of people entering the restricted area” observed by aerocameras last Thursday.

A video that appeared on the internet seems to testify to a surprising recovery worthy of television.

If it is anonymous, it reveals aerial images of the empty enclosure, where a white wall is stretched over the lower wall with the inscription: “Courage La Palma. The dogs are fine.”

For many, this is an action led by animal rights activists. According to the Animal Welfare Association, Leales.org, Who was responsible for reporting these isolated and hungry dogs in early October, is said to have been cared for by one of the owner’s (s) relatives.

However, this information has not been confirmed by police and local authorities.

For its part, Leales.org has decided to open one Online donation funds To help rescue these four dogs, which cost over 15,000 euros.

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