May 30, 2023

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Catalonia – Totally drunk, driver escapes a spectacular road exit: Surreal images of the scene

The driver of the semi-trailer was arrested while intoxicated by the Moses de Esquadra, who was warned by users.

On a national road in Pikes Ebrae, south of Tarragona, a truck driver was shot by Moses de Escuadra (Catalan police) while driving dangerously.

On this two-way road with no central reservation, he failed to throw his truck on the side of the road before bringing it back on the road … where he came close to the lane on the other side of the traffic direction.

Thanks to the warning of other drivers, we spotted and stopped a truck that was carelessly driving on the N-340 on the Baix Ebre. We stopped the driver after checking to see if it was six times the permissible alcohol ratio

– Mosos (@mosos) October 19, 2021

Alert on social networks, Mossos d’Esquadra went to places where they were able to film the actions of this driver who failed to get off the road.

After this fear, the truck driver immediately stopped his vehicle. The man tested positive for blood alcohol at a rate six times higher than the approved limit. He was stopped.

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