May 30, 2023

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Complete record of pollution in France and the United Kingdom

Thursday Case Records in the United Kingdom and France: The Covit-19 infections are on the rise It exploded all over the world just before Christmas Variation Omicron, Forcing many countries to take new measures such as Spain and Italy.

In the United Kingdom, an additional 120,000 cases of Govt-19 were reported on Thursday, a new record, as the country was hit hard by the epidemic. The seven-day increase has exceeded 50% and the number of hospital admissions is starting to increase, especially in London.

France has also reported more than 90,000 new cases in 24 hours, a complete record in this country since the outbreak in March 2020. This time, officials are betting on the vaccine rather than the new restrictions: President Emmanuel Macron has called on the French to “take care of each other”, especially through trials before reuniting with their loved ones for the year – end celebrations.

Masks in Spain and curfew in Catalonia

Other countries in Europe, the global hub of epidemic recovery, are showing masks. Spain, the world champion in vaccination, has decided to once again make outdoor wear mandatory. A Spanish court has also ruled in favor of establishing a night curfew in much of Catalonia.

Italy, which has already paid a heavy price for the epidemic, has decided to make it mandatory to wear a surgical mask outside its territory. The government has announced that FFP2, a high-security mask, will be mandatory for travel to cinemas, theaters, sporting events or public transportation, regardless of the application date.

Greece has also announced that it is mandatory to wear a mask both indoors and outdoors during the holidays. Public Christmas and New Year celebrations have all been canceled. In Sweden, teleworking must be a privilege and a vaccination pass is required for public events of more than 500 people. In Belgium, the cultural world is on the rise after authorities decided to close theaters and theaters on Sunday.

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In Asia, a month and a half before the start of the Winter Olympics on February 4, after a few dozen cases were discovered, China did not hesitate to impose strict controls on the city of Xi’an (13 million) (north) under its strict “zero Govt” policy.

In the United States, according to the Govt Act Now site, there are an average of 171,000 daily cases in seven days, with the wave of Omigran already dominating new epidemics, exceeding its peak due to delta variation. But millions of Americans have begun to travel across the country for the holidays.

Mandatory vaccination in Ecuador

Prior to this South American country, 69% of the 17.7 million population had already received two doses, with only a few states mandating the vaccine, and only for adults.

However, by the end of the year a little hope is weighed down by the virus: preliminary studies in South Africa, Scotland and the UK show that Omicron is less hospitalized than in the Delta. According to the British Health Organization, patients with the new variant have a 70% lower risk of being hospitalized.

“Cases are currently very high in the UK and hospitalization, even at a relatively small rate, can lead to a significant number of serious illnesses,” said Jenny Harris, the UK’s chief executive.