June 1, 2023

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Conservative Margi-Joy, candidate of the United Opposition against Urban in Hungary

Area results show that 49-year-old conservative outsider Peter Margi-Joy won the opposition primary in Hungary on Sunday and will face incumbent Prime Minister Victor Arban in 2022.

Markey-Joy, 49, a Catholic and father of seven, received about 58% of the vote, compared to 60% of the vote, according to the primary election commission. “We want a new, cleaner, more honest Hungarian, not a substitute for Arban.”, He mentions in a victory speech, the sovereignty in power since 2010.

He praised the unprecedented process of primary, which made it possible to select candidates from across the country. “Hunger can get rid of the most corrupt system in its millennial history” Assembly, scheduled for next April. Her rival, Clara Dobrev, a pro-center-left European lawyer, received 42% of the vote. “I support Margi-Jay now”She said and quickly admitted her failure.

Final results will be announced in the evening. The first is to nominate a candidate for the post of head of government, but to represent each constituency.

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