February 9, 2023

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Covax needs $ 5.2 billion to continue its operations in 2022

So far, the International Cowit-19 Vaccine Distribution System has received only $ 192 million from donors.

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This is a call for help. On Wednesday, January 19, Kovacs, an international organization supplying vaccines against Covit-19 to poor countries, promised $ 5.2 billion (6 4.6 billion). Within three months To fund doses for 2022.

In detail, Covax needs $ 3.7 billion (3. 3.3 billion) to fund the reserve of 600 million doses, which can ensure a balanced supply and deal with unforeseen events. Another billion (80 880 million) is intended to help poor countries produce and distribute vaccines to avoid wastage. Finally, $ 545 million (4 480 million) will be used to cover expenses such as transportation, needles or insurance.

So far, Kovacs has received $ 192 million (€ 169 million) in donations.

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