June 3, 2023

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Covid: Pfizer demand l’autorization for son vaccine for infants 6 mois à 4 ans Etats-Unis

Pfizer et son partnerie pharmaceutical allemand BioNTech on announcing the best mardi quills demand autoritation dutilization dirurgence vaccine contour le Covid-19 for less than six mois quarts of Etats-Unis. This srirum deviendrait alors premier available for this tranche diege.

La demande a été soumise up l’Agence amicrine des medics (FDA), is one of the most popular social networking sites in the world. Elle ne concerne pour linstant que deux doses mais devrait, à terme, porter sur trois afin d ‘”Attendees niveaux live protection contain variants actuels and potentiels futurs variants “.

At the request of @US_FDAwe have initiated a submission to expand the Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) of our and BioNTech_Group‘s # COVID19 vaccine to include children 6mo through 4yrs of age.

– Pfizer Inc. (@pfizer) February 1, 2022

These doses of the vaccine for these tranche divege contents of any dixieme ciles administrator aux adults (3 micrograms per pike for contents 30 for adults, and 10 for 5-11 seconds at the limit of two seconds.

These consolers are dependent on the FDA, charging the latest donations, in order to discover at least 15 of the most effective vaccines for moins at 5 moons. These vaccines for these infants are in this tranche pourrai être available available in the mo mo.

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