June 1, 2023

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Did the Reunions miss the holidays in Mauritius for year-end celebrations?

In recent weeks, the health status of the department has deteriorated. From November 6 to 12, the number of new weekly cases nearly doubled, from 740 cases to 1,308 cases, with an average daily number of 186 (up from 106 in the previous week). At the end of the week, the event rate was 152.8 / 100,000 people and the positive rate was 3.8%.

Facing this observation, the province has not yet announced new measures. Ottman Zaïr, the governor’s chief executive officer, pointed to the reaction on the Reunion The1 newspaper’s plate. “Proportional” New curfew orders or imprisonment will be put in place to avoid this.

Ottman Zaïr urged people to respect the ban, but to be careful at year – end celebrations, unless strong action is taken by the prefecture. “As we can see in metropolitan France, as in other countries in the Indian Ocean region, the situation is deteriorating. He explained.

Currently, Sister Island is classified in orange by the French authorities. “If classified in the red zone, other additional measures will be taken to ensure that travel from Mauritius to Reunion is strictly defined.”, Underlined by the Director of the Provincial Cabinet. Actions that can go as far as closing boundaries.

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