June 2, 2023

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Direct Death of Elizabeth II: Charles III is officially proclaimed King


The expected new king

The king will come to the council chamber. As a reminder, he was absent from the first part of the ceremony.


“God Save the King”

King Charles III was officially invested in his function by the Accession Council. Councilors are invited to join Prime Minister Liz Truss and Archbishop Justin Welby in signing the declaration.


Admission Board Ceremony Begins

According to tradition, the Queen’s death was officially announced at the beginning of the ceremony. “God Almighty called her Queen Elizabeth II. (…)”, says Benny Mordant.

11:00 p.m

First pictures of St James’s Palace

Unreleased pictures show the interior of St James’s Palace, where the King will be announced. Current personalities respect a precise “dress code”: for men, a lounge suit with dark or black tie. A dark day dress or dark dress for women, no hats.

10:46 a.m

Liz joins the Truss Access Board

British media reported that the Prime Minister had arrived at St. James’s Palace. He will be joined by six other living former Prime Ministers.



In one hour, Charles III will be crowned King, a ceremony broadcast on live television for the first time.


Edinburgh prepares for the coffin’s arrival

Roads are being closed and barricades are being set up in Scotland’s capital Edinburgh ahead of the arrival of the Queen’s coffin.


Details on recent photographs of Elizabeth II

Press Association photographer Jane Barlow, who took the last public photos of Elizabeth II on Tuesday before meeting new prime minister Liz Truss, says it was an “honour” and “privilege” to capture the moment. Asked by British media, he explains that he came to photograph the encounter between the two women, but for him, the best photograph is the Rani alone. “And it’s objectively more important.” He says he talked to the late Elizabeth II about the weather. He says he found her “weak” but “in good spirits.” “She smiled at me a lot. »

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Other declarations

11am will not be the only official announcement of Charles III as King. It then moves to Trafalgar Square and the Royal Exchange. On Sunday, a proclamation will also be held in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.


Meditation in Tokyo

A woman prays during a tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth II outside the British Embassy in Tokyo on Saturday.

(Philip Fong/AFP)


How Airline Pilots Learned of Queen’s Death


Book of Obituaries at the British Embassy in Paris

Members of the public are invited to send a message to the royal family through an available virtual condolence register. royal.uk/send-message-condolencesEmbassy says.

The Book of Remembrance is open to the public in the courtyard of the British Embassy today and next week from Monday 12 to Friday 16 September, 10am to 4pm. The embassy is closed on Sunday.


Between Charles and his mother, ups and downs

The new monarch paid a moving tribute to his late mother on television this Friday, September 9. But there were also many misunderstandings between the sovereign and his eldest son, until a smooth reconciliation took place. Our story.


Canada’s King Charles III is set to take the throne this weekend

Justin Trudeau and members of the Canadian cabinet will gather at Rideau Hall in Ottawa on Saturday morning to crown Charles III.

The new monarch will be known as the King of Canada in the Commonwealth of Nations, where he acts as the constitutional head of state.



Prime Minister “God Save the King”

On Friday evening, for the first time in 70 years, the male version of the British national anthem “May God the King” was sung at the end of the service at St. Paul’s Cathedral in London. Elizabeth II. It replaces the anthem “God Save the Queen” from the late sovereign’s accession to the throne in 1952.


The Crown Jewels will leave the Tower of London

The imperial ceremonial crown, the ghost with the dove, the royal orb, the lamp, the spur, the ring… Symbols of power and spirituality, the jewels of the British crown, are kept under close watch in the Tower of London, leaving the famous monument to be used. At the coronation ceremony.


Charles III was officially proclaimed king at 11 p.m.

Queen Elizabeth’s son will be officially crowned King at a council of accession at 10am local time in the State Apartments at St James’s Palace. The second proclamation will be read at noon (1pm in France) at the Royal Exchange in London.


Hello and welcome

This live coverage of Queen Elizabeth II’s death will continue throughout the day.