June 1, 2023

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Direct Emmanuel Macron is due to travel to Abu Dhabi tomorrow to stay in Emirates President Jean Costex in Paris.

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15h21 : Alpes-Maritimes LR Vice President Eric Sioti for the first constituency began his campaign for the Assembly elections in Nice this morning, facing more than 700 activists. “I consider defending the values ​​of a strong right that seeks to straighten out France.”He announced specifically in front of them, relays France 3 Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur.

(FTV / Dominique Poulain)

15h20 : Shortly after 2pm, it’s time to review the news:

G7 confirms no “Can never be identified” The foreign ministers of the group of seven major powers have confirmed the borders that Russia wants to impose by force through its war in Ukraine. “We will maintain our commitment to support Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity, including in Crimea.”They said in a statement after a three-day meeting in Germany. Follow our lives.

Middle East Israeli police have announced they will launch an internal investigation following international outcry over footage of police intervention in a funeral of a Palestinian journalist in East Jerusalem on Friday. Shreen Abu AgleWhose coffin almost fell to the ground.

Elysee announced that Emmanuel Macron would travel to Abu Dhabi tomorrow to pay tribute to the late President of the United Arab Emirates Khalifa bin Saeed Al-Nahyan, who passed away on Friday at the age of 73. Outcome: Prime Minister Jean Costex will not go to the Vatican as planned, and the two leaders will not be able to cross the border at the same time, he said. Follow our lives.

3:15 pm : As political movements close their final nominations for the legislative elections, controversy over the legitimacy of certain competitors emerges from the drawer. Some have been charged or convicted, while others have been accused of being Theory Soler, a re-elected candidate in Hauts-de-Seine, who has been prosecuted for thirteen charges. Our journalists are Margaux Duguet and Catherine Fournier Collected the word Political parties, in this case, are often embarrassed and sometimes indifferent.

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15h04 : “Implementing these functions was an achievement for me, an immense pride. I never felt ‘hell’.”Jean Costex laughs cet “Hell of Mattiknon” Described by some of his predecessors. “I had a mutual respect and listening relationship with Emmanuel Macron.”, He explained to France Info.

15h04 : “We do not manage a holiday club, but we manage state affairs. So it has to work.”

The head of state explains One of his main concernsFor nearly two years rue de Varenne has been on a constant search for the option to avoid performance and hiccups, not to add tension during the crisis marked by the Covid-19 epidemic and the subsequent war in Ukraine.

12h33 : Emmanuel Macron is living his last hours as prime minister, despite being asked to stay a little longer than expected. “I really liked it”, Hands over Former mayor of France Television.

Prime Minister Jean Costex leaves the Council of Ministers on April 20, 2022 at the Elysee Palace (Paris).  (Ludovic Marin / AFP)(Ludovic Marin / AFP)

15h00 : It’s time to review the news:

Russia has cut off power supplies to Finland in retaliation for the Scandinavian state’s desire to join NATO. Finnish electricity network operator promises that Russia can do without electricity, which reflects “Less than 10%” His needs. Follow our lives.

Emmanuel Macron officially begins his second term today. But the appointment of the next head of government, Jean Costex, is still pending. The current Prime Minister is preparing his boxes for Matignon. Follow our lives.

Elysee announced on Friday that the head of state will travel to Abu Dhabi tomorrow to pay tribute to the late President of the United Arab Emirates Khalifa bin Saeed Al Nahyan, who turned 73 on Friday. Outcome: The Prime Minister will not go to the Vatican as planned for his last official visit, and both executives will not be out of territory at the same time, Mattignon said.

Middle East UN Strongly condemned May 11 Palestinian-American journalist Shreen Abu Agle is killed and another journalist is wounded in the western city of Jenin., According to diplomats, in a statement adopted unanimously yesterday. The Security Council also insists “Immediate, complete, transparent and impartial inquiry” About this murder.

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11:34 am : “From the moment we found out about this sexual harassment, the cell was set up and asked to withdraw his candidacy. In five days, the case was over.”

Ecologist Sandrine Rousseau calls On France Inter “All Political Forces” Need to act quickly What did La France Insume do, especially after the revelations of the allegations RapeTaha Bouhafs target.

Ecologist Sandrine Rousseau, May 14, 2022 at France Inter.  (Francinder / Radio France)(Francinder / Radio France)

11h09 : Little hiccup: Matignon is on the government’s official website this morning Misrepresented The resignation of the government, franceinfo learned. It’s about one “Error handling computer page, this should not have happened”Explain the services of the Prime Minister to French television.

14h42 : The French head of state wants “To extend his support to the Crown Prince Sheikh Mohammed bin Saeed Al-Nahyan and his family and all the Emirati people of Abu Dhabi for his brother”, Added the post of President. Emmanuel Macron visited the Emirates in December 2021, during which time he visited the Universal Exhibition in Dubai and oversaw the signing of several contracts, including the contract for the delivery of 80 Rafale fighter jets.

(Mustafa Yalcin / Anatole Agency Via AFP)

14h41 : Elysee announced yesterday that Emmanuel Macron will travel to Abu Dhabi tomorrow to pay his respects to the President of the United Arab Emirates Khalifa bin Saeed Al Nahyan at the age of 73. Outcome: Prime Minister Jean Costex will not go to the Vatican as planned, and the two leaders will not be able to cross the border at the same time, he said.

13h21 : Postponement of the announcement of the new government Is a strategy Head of State for “Changing the Effect of Success”, Emmanuel Macron’s entourage to franceinfo. The wait, according to a member of the presidential party, will allow him to expand his recruitment committee, especially the union of the left, which, according to the same member, is throwing the last Social Democrats into his hands.

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The president's entourage has vowed to postpone the announcement of the new government.  (Thomas Patilla / MaxPPP)(Thomas Patilla / MaxPPP)

13h20 : We start immediately with a dot in the message:

Russia The power supply must be stopped From today to Finland, supplier RAO Nordic Oy, which is 100% owned by the Russian company InterRAO, announced yesterday. The announcement comes in the wake of growing tensions between Moscow and Helsinki, which has expressed a desire to join. “Without delay” To NATO under the influence of Russian invasion of Ukraine. A motive seen by Moscow with a very bad outlook, which has already threatened a response “Military-Technical”.

Last night, at midnight, a page turned as Macron’s second five-year term began. But expectations are high that the next prime minister will be Jean Costax, who will remain in office until Monday. If the Elysee does not give any hint, one thing is for sure: the head of government is busy packing his boxes. But change is not this weekend.

குழுவ The French group Sanofi was sentenced by a Nanterre court Compensation up to 450,000 euros Daughter of a family on display at Dépakine In the uterus, Born with defects. The court held that the risk of autistic disorders associated with Depakine was known to the laboratory at least in 2005 and therefore it was obligatory to specify it in the instructions.

At Eurovision, before the final match in Italy tonight, the sound of hints arises: from Norwegian wolves to Ukrainian favorites, the best song competition must break new decibel records. France is represented by the Alvan & Ahes Group, whose title Fullen Inspired by Breton legend.