May 30, 2023

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Emmanuel Macron responded to the criticism in a video, denouncing it as “a lot of bad faith”.

The head of state said he wanted to say that “basically”, the crisis had come “faster than expected”.

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“I misunderstood”. In a video posted on his YouTube channel on Tuesday, January 17, In it he answers French questions about ecologyEmmanuel Macron returned to the sentence to be pronounced during his will for 2023: “Who Could Have Predicted the Climate Crisis?”. The publication immediately raised a lot of criticism, among other things, angered scientists.

“Basically, they wanted me to say that I had never read any IPCC report. What did I want to say? Planned”, Defended the President. “For years, even everyone who warned about biodiversity loss, about climate change, said, ‘Look, last summer, things are happening faster than we predicted. And we’re affected more than we expected. I don’t want to say anything more.'”He continued.

“I feel like there’s still a lot of bad faith.”He added, regretting that we want “Caricature as a message denial”. It is not credible as an attack”, “We’ve been doing it for years.” Finally pleads with the head of state, however he promises “Always listen to criticism”, And said stock “Pressure to do more”.

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