April 1, 2023

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Emmanuel Macron “welcomes the return of Kherson to Ukraine”; “Today is a historic day”, welcomes Volodymyr Zelensky

Ukrainian soldiers describe their arrival in Kherson

Ukrainian soldiers advancing on the city of Kherson, which was evacuated by Moscow forces on Thursday, told Agence France-Presse (AFP) on Friday about their high-risk journey and the relief they have received so far in the city at the hands of the Russian army.

“We see sweet, smiling faces, flowers, embroidered pieces, with which we welcome our vehicles”Andriï Jolob, the commander of the medical unit fifty kilometers from Kherson, recounted by telephone.

Another Ukrainian soldier testified as he entered the city and shared with AFP videos he recorded as he approached the site. In one of them, we see a young woman shouting in the countryside “Glory to Ukraine! » And send kisses in the direction of the military car.

In another video, dozens of civilians greeted the car with applause and bouquets of flowers “Our saviors! »Near National Flag Bus Stop. “It’s like that everywhere.”assures this soldier, who wishes to remain anonymous.

“Our enemy is skillful and dangerous. This advance which we now see, and the flight of the travelers towards the Dnieper, was indeed a surprise to every one of us., comments Andriï Jolob. If he enjoys “Joey”He has managed his expectations “hopeless”As consistently suggested by Ukrainian officials, Russian forces fear being trapped and withdrawn.

According to him, the omnipresent danger is landmines and unexploded bombs, laid before the departure of the Russian army, which could be triggered at any time.

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