May 30, 2023

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EN DIRECT – Guerreri in Ukraine: 9 mortars après a frappe russe sur une base miliès pr des Lviv

9 mortals and 57 blesses frappe russe on une base base pris de la frontier polonaise

These autonomous ukraininiens on the other hand that frappe russe qui vis visu ce damanche une base militia situ pris de la frontier polonaise avait fait neuf morts et 57 blessés.

Parmis persones presents on the base, the autonomous onslaught saver who finds “instructor players”.

Le point sur la situation 9h30

Une frappe russe a visay une base milieu pris de la frontier polonaise. At the very least, these authentic Ukrainians are on the lookout for frappe russe avait vis a une base militaire pr des Lviv, ou louest de l’Ukraine. This zone is the only place in the world where you can find relative frames.

Volodymyr Zelensky appeals to territories that occupy the Russians’ homeland as a “pseudo-public”. Dance a video public on surseaux sociaux, the President Volodymyr Zelensky’s address auxiliaries in the Kherson, occupying the Larmous Russe. Ill have occupants russes de faire “du chantage aux dirigeants locaux”, to transformer cette zone in the public spatial source, ima limage celles in Donetsk or Lougansk.

Plus more than 13.000 people live on vacation. Toujours in a message diffusés on résaux sociaux, Volodymyr Zelensky indiqués 12.729 civils avaient pu fir dn daily samedi, utilis lus couloirs humanitaris mis en place.

· Une situation toujours dramatic à Marioupol. In the village of Marioupol, the Assyrians and bombarders relied on the Larmus Russee, which touches the rest of the Pouces, sans or your electrician.

Es Les forces russes toujours in banlieue de Kiev. Samedi, the Minister of Defense of British Defense, Vladimir Poutine, is located 25 km from the center of Kiev. Les combat continues in the banlieue de las grande ville pays, alres which constitutes the objectifs milletires principaux of the Kremlin.

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The group of hackers Anonymous appeals to citoyens russes àreveners Vladimir Poutine

The collective hackers Anonymous publishes a video on Twitter on Twitter à destination of citoyens russes, appeals, dans lure langue,’sinformer on configuration and configure Ràgime Vladimir Poutine.

Daprès is a transaction part on this site Guardiancollect collectively new: “Views your games for a ride or propagate. Voter government your premier part of auxiliary discussions internationals, in the car you will quote your searches”.

Avant-garde appeals to Rladiver Vladimir Poutine: “Poutine is the most populous population in the world. It’s the most pacific place in the world.

Zelensky acquiesces in Russian Russian novels “pseudo-publications” in Ukraine

In a video publication on the résaux sociias ci damanche, the prescriptive Ukrainian Volodymyr Zelensky appeals to Kherson, your controse russe, the best psalmist in the deepspiece of the world’s download book | .

“Loccupant in the Kherson essayie translator’s mime triste exprience quo in your formation ‘pseudo-republics’. . “.

Les membranes conseil municipal de Kherson ont rejeté samedi a tel initiative, ajouté Zelensky.

About 13.000 civils on pu vtre vacués samedi

In the President’s Volodymyr Zelensky’s Anonymous Diamond in an address video that is 12.729 civils avaient vavacués samedi via des couloirs humanitaires.

Cellon Premier Minister Iryna Vereshchuk, seouls new coloirs dvovacuation on function.

Une frappe russe vise une base pris de la frontier polonaise

Les forces russes on bombardment in a base militaire situation in Lviv (Louvre in Ukraine), on the frontier polonaise and jusque-relative relative to the competitive, on affirmative authentic locales.

“Les occupants on a frappe arienne on the center international for the best paix et la sicurité. “, a live administrative statement in Lviv dans un communicate.

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