March 22, 2023

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England beat Germany (2-1) at Women’s Euro

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23h08 : We are closing! Not without a last look at the major headlines.

• A fire broke out in the afternoon at Aubais in Gard. 350 hectares of vegetation were destroyed Still not fixed this evening Despite the intervention of more than 500 firefighters. Six people were injured while fighting to put out the fire. In a press release at 10:30 p.m., SDIS confirms that the situation is changing “In favor”.

• Météo France has five departments: Ardèche, Drôme, Gard, Vaucluse and Pyrénées-Orientales, Warning orange heat waveA heat wave is expected in most parts of France from Monday.

• It crushed the competition in the hills: that was logical la Néerlandaise Annemiek van Vleuten Women won the first edition of the Tour de France. She had the luxury of winning alone at the last stageEnded in the Super Planche des Belles Filles.

• We had to go to extra time, but England beat Germany to win first title in their history (2-1) In the finals of Euro 2022. Football is coming homeAs we sing across the channel.

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22h23 : Oh my god.

22h23 : It remaaaaaarre during the press conference of the English coach, the caterpillar, slightly (but, slightly) disturbed by his happy players.

22h07 : It’s over, PSG beat Nantes (4-0) to win the Champions Trophy. The match report is here!


21h38 : @ Another Peter In terms of ultimate success it is not so clear. If we take the Men’s Soccer World Cup as a reference point, you have four teams since 1930 that have won on home soil, which isn’t all that impressive. On the other hand, 13 home teams have made it to the last four in 22 editions. We remember teams that performed well like South Korea in 2002, which have not repeated such a performance since.

21h35 : I’d like a short answer because I’ve been asking myself for a few years now… Do teams playing at home have an advantage during major tournaments???

21h28 : A quick look at the score of this meeting, which will happen ahead Nantes And especially leading with goals from Messi and Neymar. You can follow the match live here.

(Jack Cuse/AFP)

21h26 : Relevance of @climate kata Unable to relocate championship days (the English Premier League is seriously considering doing so), the major championships send their Gala matches to be played abroad to reach new audiences. Since 2009, the French Champions Cup has been such a global competition, with tournaments held in Canada, Morocco or, for the past two years, Israel. Carbon footprints are sometimes underweight compared to accounting balance sheets.

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9:24 p.m : Good evening FranceInfo! I just learned that the PSG / Nantes match was held in Tel Aviv, surprised and shocked? I imagine it’s very complicated for these two teams to travel by train and meet halfway at Le Mans or Rennes?! What incivility and what a lack of intelligence on the part of the organizers at a time when the energy crisis and climate disaster are already underway! It is surprising and shocking that no one in the fff or the club realizes the absurdity of the situation. It’s hopeless! Already no football, this kind of event will not reconcile me to this game! Good evening and thank you for your daily work (I am a fan in this case).

21h18 : “Your success is more than a trophy you deservedly earned. “You have set an example that will be an inspiration to the girls and women of today and generations to come.” Congratulating @Lionesses:

21h18 : Small disappointment, Queen Elizabeth II didn’t pose for a selfie with a Lions jersey on her back. But sends them his written wishes in a tweet. “It’s an achievement for the team, including the staff. (…) Your success is more than a trophy you deserve.”

9:01 p.m : 😍 Your European Champions 😍

9:01 p.m : “Football is coming home”, “We are the champions” then continue this football evening music!

20h57 : History makers. Record breakers. Game changers.
Incredible scenes at the fan party in Trafalgar Square as England win #WEURO2022. Couldn’t be prouder of the @lions if we tried.

20h57 : It’s a little more boozy than Trafalgar Square, but it’s still good quality 😉

20h56 : Unbelievable. Finally, we won!!Relief and joy here at the British Embassy in France. 🇬🇧🏴 🁧 🇧🇫🇮🇲🇫🇷#itshome #Lionesses #WEuro2022Final

20h56 : Great situation at the British Embassy in France after this English victory, the first degree of lions. Given the average age of the spectators, there were quite a few of them when the Three Lions won the World Cup against Germany in 1966 (already at Wembley!).

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20h42 : Football has come home! A fantastic win by the @Lionesses. Congratulations Sarina, Leah and the entire team. Football stadiums across the country will be filled like never before with girls and women inspired by your success. #WEURO2022

20h42 : England Prime Minister Boris Johnson has congratulated the England team players (more). “An amazing win for the Lions. Congratulations to Sarina, Leah and the whole team. The football fields will be filled with girls like never before, inspired by your success!”

20h38 : Finally confirming that England teams only know how to win in England…

20h37 : Congratulations to England European Champions after 56 years. 🥳 And congrats to the Germans too they don’t deserve bravo girls 🥳🥳🥳🎉

20h36 : Finally, the women’s football Euro is just like the men’s, it’s very interesting and it’s very annoying when England win…

20h36 : Football is a simple game. 22 women chased a ball for 90 minutes and eventually England won. Congratulations @lions. Wonderful.

20h36 : “Football is a very simple game. 22 players fight for a ball for 90 minutes and in the end England wins, true!”

20h33 : 🏆 Our England. Our champions. 🏆

20h32 : Football is coming home ! England won the Women’s Euro by dominating Germany in the final (2-1, after extra time).

20h29 : @Mark Surely, the rules for boys are the same as for girls!

20h29 : Hello Peter. No yellow card for a stripped jersey?

20h27 : @Jean We had made the same case with American Brandi Chastain In 1999, by contrast, you can see in it a spontaneous celebration of happiness without any intention.

20h27 : Jersey removed, why is she taking the same ridiculous routes as men’s football…

20h24 : England goal à la Gert Muller 👍

20h24 : Brandi Chastain Tribute Celebration.

20h24 : Brandi Chastain. 1999. Chloe Kelly. 2022. Iconic!

20h23 : Alas! Yes! Omg! Khloe Kellyyyyyy! 🙌

20h23 : Alas! Yes! Omg! Khloe Kellyyyyyy! 🙌

20h23 : As Brandi Chastain, Chloe Kelly scored the second English goal, taking off the top. The famous American player who scored the decisive penalty in the 1999 World Cup final ! A flurry in the corner, the English player who manages to tiptoe the ball into the back of the net! 2-1 to England 10 minutes from the end!

20h13 : Halftime of the stretch, not much to report on this first act. Among the 22 actresses of this meeting, we are very afraid to cash in on the risky goal. 1-1 between England and Germany.

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20:00 : A BIG CHANGE REPORT: German striker Lina Magul made way for Linda Dalmann for this 30 extra minute game. Still 1-1 between England and GermanyAnd let’s hope all 22 actresses continue the momentum of a very good second half rather than reverting to a soporific first act.

19h58 : The golden goal disappeared in 2002, followed by the silver goal a few years later. We start with the classic formula for this final: two 15-minute halves and penalties if both teams are level at the end.

19h57 : How does overtime work? In Highlander style, can there be only one? The golden goal way? Normal way? Thanks for the reply.

19h51 : 90 minutes have passedEngland And thisGermany Can’t decide! We will have extra time in this final of the Women’s Euro.

19h48 : @Sandrin Because she hasn’t been German chancellor for a year, right?

19h47 : Why didn’t Angela Merkel attend the Women’s Euro final?

19h47 : My mother is a German teacher and my wife is an English teacher. I will not tell you about the heavy situation at the table. Good evening everyone!

19h47 : @Kate To temper our excitement, many non-England matches played out in front of smaller rooms.

19h46 : 87,192 at Wembley, a RECORD GAUGE for a Euro tournament, men and women combined, but there are always haters to tell you that no one cares about women’s sport and women’s football 🤷🏼‍♀️#WEURO2022 #ENGGER #ANGALL

19h44 : It’s a wooden cup, so we’ll talk a lot less than the Euro final (don’t worry, people allergic to football), but the competition PSG-Nantes, organized in Tel-Aviv, will start in a few minutes. Minute by minute Champions Trophy continues, Lead the live of these devils of francinfo game.


19h42 : Oh boy, Germans are Germans.

19h42 : Gary Lineker, Author of the famous phrase “And in the end, Germany wins”The German reacts to the draw on Twitter: “Buck, Germans will always be Germans!”

19h38 : Congratulations ladies! Great goal totally deserved considering your commitment in this 2nd half… nothing decided, we’ll get back to the game