June 3, 2023

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Fee tests, vaccine duty … what changes on Friday

Barriers to the last restructuring of the vaccine will be hardened this Friday. The government will take a double turn of the screw: free tests for all will end and health professionals will be forced to have a complete vaccination schedule to exercise. Despite being at the bottom of the Covit-19 epidemic wave (the national incidence rate has dropped particularly below the warning threshold), the final restrictions promised for those who have not been vaccinated will be fulfilled on the planned date.

How Much Does a Covit Screening Cost?

This is the result of a free “comfort” trial announced by Emmanuel Macron in July, as of this Friday. Nearly 7 million area or unvaccinated adults must be screened to receive a health pass.

As mentioned Public Service Platform, The cost of an antigen test is on average 22 euros. Also the reference price for a laboratory PCR test is 43.89 euros.

What are the exceptions?

Covit tests are still insured by health insurance in some cases, including those of specific minors, contact cases, medical prescribers or those who are contraindicated in the vaccine. It is necessary to submit supporting documents to get support.

The results of the free trials are clearly aimed at pushing back the reluctance when cutting the bill: the cost of the trials will actually rise to $ 6.2 billion this year after $ 2.2 billion.

The result of an indicator of infection?

However, with this measure, there is a risk that the government will break the thermometer of the infection. The president of the Union of Biologists, Franுவாois Blanchecode, expects a “sudden drop of about 80%” while the number of exams per week is confirmed at 3.5 million by the end of September. “We can no longer accurately follow the evolution of the epidemic because the incidence rate will be affected,” predicts Mahmoud Zurik, a professor of public health.

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In contrast, the Ministry of Health expects “a normal interval” and “once” in this key indicator, arguing that “comfort tests” are carried out by “asymptomatic individuals with very low positive rates”.

Who suffers from vaccine duty?

The vaccination duty will become complete for 2.7 million workers on Friday.

From September 15 at least one injection, staff of hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, liberal caregivers, domestic helpers, firefighters and ambulance staff must now certify the “complete plan”. Their work contract, without pay.

Expected staff reductions?

According to a recent Public Health France survey in this regard, 86.6% of employees in healthcare institutions have already been “fully vaccinated” on September 20th. The rate rose to 88.6% in structures for the disabled and 92.4% in nursing homes. “Vaccine coverage by health professionals is adequate,” the ministry estimates, confirming that the move “does not pose a major risk to continued care,” but recognizes that “some tensions may arise domestically in terms of hospital staff.”

At Mulhouse, the Sut-Alsace Hospital team had to temporarily implement its “white plan” by the end of September, dealing with “a critical situation” after suspending 170 agents or nearly 3% of staff. The rate is four times higher than in El-de-France, where the Regional Health Agency (ARS) recorded 0.7% suspensions in the workplace of health and medical community organizations in early October. .

The other ARS, as contacted by Agency France-Press, cited all ministries, which did not advance the overall number of suspended employees, but also the 0.7% rate “based on corporate feedback”.

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