June 1, 2023

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Former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been charged with sexual harassment

Cuomo’s case takes a new step: After he resigned, former New York state governor Andrew Cuomo was indicted by a court on Thursday, Oct. 28, for sexually abusing a former employee.

“A violent complaint has been filed against former Governor Andrew Cuomo in Albany City Court.”, A spokesman for the New York State Court told Agency France-Presse (AFP) that it was a sexual matter.

Published by several media outlets, a complaint dated Thursday from the Albany County Sheriff’s Office alleges the former governor.“Forced touch” On December 7, 2020, at his official residence in Albany, the capital of New York State. Mr. to appear in court on November 17 in Albany. The sheriff’s office report makes it clear that Cuomo is being ordered by a criminal trial.

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This complaint record is confusing. The office of County District Attorney David Soros, who participated in the investigation and handled any case, said it was caught unsafe. “Like other members of the public, we were surprised today to learn that a criminal complaint has been filed in the Albany City Court by the Albany County Sheriff’s Office against Andrew Cuomo.”, He declared.

Condemnation of Rita Claw, lawyer for Andrew Cuomo “Political action” His client is led by Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple.

The name of the complainant was not released, but Mr Cuomo was publicly accused of sexually abusing his aide Brittany Camiso at his home in Albany on the date mentioned in the complaint.

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MMe Comisso said the governor liked her when she was getting ready to leave. So she would have told him. ” You’re going to get us in trouble. ”, He would have answered him “I don’t care”, Slammed the door. Then he would have put his hand inside her blouse to grab her chest.

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National star during epidemics

Accused for months by former employees. The 63-year-old governor announced his resignation on August 10, A week after the release of a bad investigative report listing the cases of eleven women who allegedly harassed or sexually abused her.

Inverted fall He has ruled the country’s fourth state (approximately 20 million people) since 2011 and aims to run for a fourth term in 2022.

At the height of the Govt-19 epidemic, when New York was the center of the United States in the spring of 2020, He received national star status. With his daily, rational and reassuring press conferences, this experienced but reputable hard and authoritarian politician has changed the dimension, including Donald Trump’s opposition, to the fact that announcements about the health crisis were seen as erratic.

His intervention was praised by the Television Academy, which awarded him an Emmy. However, the commission announced in late August that it would withdraw the statue from him..

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Le Monde with AP and AFP

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