March 22, 2023

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Former Russian president Medvedev says he ‘hacked’ the Soviet Union after instigating it

Who actually wrote this post on the official page of Dmitry Medvedev On VKontakte, the Russian equivalent of Facebook, appeared overnight from Monday to Tuesday and then quickly deleted? “Administrators of VKontakte Those who hacked the page will contact those who wrote and published the deleted message,” a spokesman for the former Russian president told Russian news agency Interfax. So the official version tends towards this TheftBut the news in question is consistent with Medvedev’s recent statements.

Former right-hand man Vladimir Putin, once considered a moderate figure, now subscribes to sensationalist pronouncements, for example calling Russia’s opponents “bastards” and “degenerates” or inciting the use of nuclear weapons. In the said post, the KazakhstanRelations with Russia have been strained over Ukraine’s declared neutrality, calling it an “artificial state” and accusing it of “genocide” against the Russian minority living in the country. Ukraine justifies its military intervention.

The news was posted on Dmitry Medvedev’s page as many countries belonging to the Soviet Union have been worried since Moscow launched a military intervention in Ukraine. Echoing those fears, the deleted message said Georgia, a Caucasus nation that faced Moscow in a 2008 war, could only remain part of Russia. According to the message, “All the people who lived once were great and mighty ussr Let us live together again, in friendship”.

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