May 30, 2023

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Former Wagner group mercenary Marat Kapidul testifies drowning militants



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D. Schlinger, M. Renier, E.. Forns, L. Lacroix, y. கடூச் – France 2

French televisions

Wagner’s mercenaries are particularly active in Mali and the Central African Republic. France Televisions on Tuesday, May 10, collected the testimony of former Army veteran Marat Kapidul, who is believed to be in a book.

Marat Kapidulin, the first and only former Wagner mercenary to speak openly. Although not officially in Russia, he spent four years in the ranks of top-secret fighters in the Kremlin’s armed wing. “I understand that we are used to the needs of Moscow, like cannon fodder“, He testified. He heard about Wagner at the age of 48 and was imprisoned for three murders. He can no longer serve in the Russian military, but mercenaries look down on the criminal record.

Salary is attractive: over 3,000 euros during work. He was sent to Donbass in 2015 and then to Syria. He says he did not commit any wrongdoing, but it is not surprising that evidence against Wagner is accumulating. “We are not taught rules of conduct. The only purpose is the armyhe said. Wagner’s people are not official, so they know they never have to answer for their actions.“He is particularly critical of his former boss, Dmitry Utkin, whom he describes.”Without trust or law “Is “There is no moral principle“.

From his story, Marat drew a book by Kapidul. He says today he wants to know the dangers, but does not regret it. “Someone has to talk, in Russia“, He argues. Dozens of Wagner’s mercenaries would have died in front of Ukraine, and they would never have been counted in Moscow’s official figures.

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