May 30, 2023

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“French government complicit in large-scale tax evasion”

Tribune. In recent years, tax evasion scandals have been repeated and identical. However, we as environmental activists promise: they are not inevitable. “Pandora Papers” It is the result of a planned policy to protect the powerful, which threatens any possibility of living together.

This rudeness is a choice. And Emmanuel Macron multiplies these nausea choices in favor of the very rich and against the very weak. In favor of gigantic multinationals, SMEs can be detrimental. At the European level, over the past six months, some have particularly revealed:

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In the spring of 2021: The French government weighs in on the ambition of transparency in the taxation of multinational corporations, allowing multinational corporations to withhold their tax information for years by protecting a “security rule” in the name of the sacred “trade secret”. However, in every country where multinational corporations operate, the number of employees or achieved turnover is an essential source of information to prevent tax evasion. So the government makes a choice: transparency rather than transparency.

Complicit government

In April 2021 : US President Joe Biden launches global minimum effective corporate tax rate of 21%. The opportunity to stop the business of tax havens is of historical significance. Nevertheless, again, Bruno Le Meyer clears the case by offering a very low rate and being at a minimum.

The French government is complicit in large-scale tax evasion: a rate of 2121 would allow the European Union (EU) to collect வரி 100 billion in additional tax revenue in 2021 alone, halving this revenue by 15%. The great escape of multinational corporations is protected at the expense of fairness, tax justice, and social justice.

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In October 2021, finally : The day after the release of “Pandora Papers”, The French government, along with other member states, is verifying the blacklist of blacklisting. Only nine countries are included, with no major countries appended to the “Pandora Papers” such as the United States, the British Virgin Islands or the United Arab Emirates. Worse: Three tax havens have been removed from the list … including the Seychelles is at the center of corruption. Here again, the government deliberately chooses to abandon it, instead of allowing countries that are complicit in tax evasion.

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