June 1, 2023

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“From Gorbachev to Putin, the Opportunities We Missed”

Hubert Vetrin. Fabian Clarifont

Tribune – Mikhail Gorbachev, whose funeral took place in Moscow on September 3, was a great tragic historical figure. Its defeat and the end of the Soviet Union was the starting point of a great confusion for Russia and Europe. Westerners, especially Americans, should ask themselves about their own responsibilities in this area, argues the former foreign minister.

Hubert Védrine recently published “A View of the World” (Bouquins La Collection, 2022).

Gorbachev It came to power in 1985. He wants to deeply transform the Soviet Union… to save it, not disappear. That would explain some of his later positions. He is willing to go far, but he doesn’t know how far or how. It is a very Slavic, but communist, utopian, idealistic trend, an association that, in retrospect, is difficult for a Westerner to understand. Nevertheless, Thatcher later understood that Mitterrand would be “different” from the Soviet Geront from the start.

Starts boldly Perestroika (Restructuring). But how to rebuild a modern society and economy from the ruins of the Soviet Union (Gorbachev:(Agriculture has not worked since 1917.)?

Boldly, he decrees glasnost (“transparency”). As never before, free speech will be immediately unleashed against him, undermining him. to fight…

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