June 1, 2023

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Germany has promised that NATO countries will support Ukraine militarily “as needed”.

1:31 pm: How does a new country join NATO?

Once a third country decides to join, NATO members must unanimously agree to join it.

Step 1: Member Speech
Two meetings are held at the organization’s headquarters in Brussels, where the applicant is asked to “trust the representatives of the countries and the alliance’s ability to accept the political, legal and military obligations and obligations arising from the Washington Agreement. NATO Expansion Study (1995)”. Meetings at NATO headquarters allow to discuss legal issues, resources, security, security of classified information and contribution to the general budget, based on the size of the country’s economy compared to other members of the coalition.

Step 2: Commitment
The candidate must pledge to the country to carry out the necessary reforms and then send a “proposed letter” to NATO’s Secretary-General with a “timetable for carrying out the reforms”.

Final step: big check
It is the ratification of the Access Protocol by each of NATO’s member states. They send the acceptance of the new member to the US government, the depository of the North Atlantic Treaty. Article 5 of the “One for All, One for All” (Unity in Occupancy) applies only after the approval of all Member States. The process took a year for the 30th member, Northern Macedonia.

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