June 3, 2023

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Germany says it is awaiting a formal request from Poland to agree to supply Panther tanks to Q

Cover Image: Troops from Poland, the United States, France and Sweden participate in the Polish Leopard tank maneuvers, a joint military exercise May 19, 2022, in Nowogrod, Poland. Wojdec Radwanski / AFP

  • If Poland decides to supply Ukraine with Panther tanks without German consent, Berlin will not object. Annalena Baerbach, head of German diplomacy, announced on Sunday January 22 Interview granted to LCI. “I understand how important these tanks are, and we are fully aware of that.”Also M.me Baerbach, who recently visited Kharkiv in northeastern Ukraine.
    Poland and Finland have offered to supply their own leopards, but re-exports require official permission from Berlin.
  • Germany also says it is awaiting a formal request from Poland. “At present, the question has not been asked, but if it is asked, we will not object to it.”said the minister.
  • “The decision depends on many factors. and is taken to the Principal”Boris Pistorius, the new German defense minister for his part, gave an interview to the ARD television channel shortly after the interview with Annalena Baerbach.
  • On Sunday, Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki stepped up to the plate once again. qualifies as“unacceptable” Berlin refused to deliver Panther heavy tanks to Kyiv. Poland has indicated that it can do without German approval in the absence of any decision from Berlin.
  • “Nothing Excluded” Emmanuel Macron on delivery of Leclerc tanks to Ukraine “As for the Leclercs, I asked the Minister of Armed Forces to work there. Nothing is excluded, it’s actually collectively appreciated.”Macron said at a press conference with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Paris on Sunday.
  • The battle left 180,000 Russian soldiers dead or wounded, 100,000 on the Ukrainian side, according to the Norwegian military. In an interview with the TV2 channel, General Erik Kristofferson did not specify the basis on which these estimates were based. Russia and Ukraine have not come forward with credible accounts of their losses for months. Mark Milley, the chief of staff of the US military, put the figure of 100,000 dead or wounded in Russia in November, judging that Ukraine had done it. “mostly” Suffered equal losses.
  • France and Germany pledge support to Ukraine “until” required amount In a joint press release issued on Sunday at the end of the Franco-German ministerial meeting in Paris. Paris and Berlin indicate that their assistance to Ukraine will be focused specifically on the military and economic sectors.
  • A senior Ukrainian ministry official has been fired over suspected fraud. “The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine orders dismissal [Vassyl] Lozynkiy as Deputy Minister of Community, Territorial and Infrastructure Development of Ukraine »Prime Minister Denis Simihal made the announcement in a telegram on Sunday.
  • Moscow says it is advancing on two cities in Zaporozhye province. The Russian army is advancing on two towns in the administrative region (oblast) of Zaporizhia (southern Ukraine), where clashes with troops from Kyiv have intensified this week, an Israeli leader said on Sunday.
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