May 30, 2023

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Global epidemic update

Released Tuesday, December 21, 2021 at 7:56 p.m.

New Activities, New Reports, and Highlights: Updates on the latest developments in the Kovit-19 epidemic worldwide.

– Omigron expands –

The Omigron variant now dominates the United States (73% of new infections), where President Joe Biden is scheduled to deliver a speech on Tuesday.

The U.S. government does not plan to control the country, but the White House says officials will distribute 500 million free trials, mobilize military paramedics if needed, and increase vaccination capacity.

The United States will provide more than half a billion dollars in aid to international organizations fighting the Govt-19.

The Omigran variant now dominates Denmark, where the number of Govt-19 cases has risen to the highest level ever since the outbreak began on Tuesday, the health minister said.

France, which now has 20% of positive cases associated with the Omicron variant, has not ruled out going “beyond” control measures in practice in the event of a “very strong relapse of the epidemic”.

– Germany: New restrictions on sports and the New Year –

German Chancellor Olaf Scholes announced on Tuesday that all sporting events in Germany will be held behind closed doors after December 28 to control the epidemic.

Faced with the threat of the Omicron variant, even among vaccinated individuals, only a maximum of ten guests will be in contact for New Year’s Eve parties.

– Which vaccine is best for Omicron? “No answer” at this point –

The director of the European Medicines Agency (EMA) said there was “no answer yet” to the question of whether an appropriate vaccine was needed for the omigran variant of the corona virus that is rocking the United States and Europe.

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– WHO: Emergency Permit for Nova Vox Vaccine –

Following the EMA on Monday, the World Health Organization (WHO) on Tuesday approved the US company Novavax’s corona virus vaccine, which differs from the vaccines already widely used in the EU using conventional technology.

– Sweden: Tight controls, extended vaccine pass –

The government has announced that Sweden will introduce a series of measures ranging from teleworking to expanded use of the vaccine, as the number of infections caused by Govt-19 increases.

– Israel bans travel to US –

In an effort to combat the spread of the Omigran variant, Israel has added the United States and several other countries to its red list of travel-banned states. Countries included include Canada, Germany and Belgium.

– Romania: Anti-health pass trying to occupy parliament –

Protesters against the health permit proposed at work sought to occupy the Romanian parliament on Tuesday, before which it had one of the lowest vaccination rates in the European Union.

– UK: ic 1 billion for companies most affected by Omicron –

The British government on Tuesday provided ில்லியன் 1 billion in aid to companies most affected by the effects of the Omicron variant, following pressure from industry representatives.

– More than 5.35 million people died –

Since the WHO office in China announced the outbreak of the disease in late December 2019, the epidemic has killed at least 5.35 million people worldwide, according to a report compiled by AFP from official sources at 11:00 GMT on Tuesday.

In all, the highest number of deaths since January 2020 were in the United States (807,952), Brazil (617,873), India (478,007) and Russia (299,249). Peru, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Hungary are the countries most affected by the epidemic in terms of population.

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The European region currently has the highest death toll, followed by the United States / Canada region.

Considering the high number of deaths directly and indirectly linked to Govt-19, the WHO estimates that the outcome of the epidemic may be two to three times higher than officially recorded.