June 3, 2023

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Govit-19: Is the immunity obtained by the third dose of the vaccine higher than the second dose?

Vaccination – From December 1, all French people over the age of 50 will be invited to take the third dose of the Covit-19 vaccine. It can provide greater protection than the second received.

The third dose is now at the center of the French vaccination strategy. Since the beginning of September, French people over the age of 65 have been eligible for the booster dose, which is valid from December 15 onwards. People aged 50-64 will be invited to receive it from December 1st. In addition to the urge to enter all the places where your precious sesame is prescribed, the booster dose helps to improve immunity against govit-19, which decreases over the months. This may be higher than that obtained by the second dose.

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Covit-19: The challenge of the vaccine

At the end of October, the Ffizer / BioNTech alliance announced that its vaccine is highly administered in France and is mainly used for third doses, with an efficacy of 95.6% against symptomatic forms of the disease due to the booster dose. These results are based on a study conducted by two laboratories. “The first randomized test for the booster of the Govit-19 vaccine”, They promised.

In December 2020, when Haute Autorité de santé released its report on the vaccine strategy with the product Pfizer / BioNTech, the results of clinical studies indicated that the vaccine was 95% effective. “Reducing the Number of Symptomatic Cases”.

“Neutralization of antibodies with booster is high after second dose”

Since then, real-life studies have been conducted. Published last April in the medical journal The Lancet, An Israeli study found that two weeks after the second dose, the Pfizer / Bioentech vaccine provided 95.3% protection against infections. Or much lower after the third dose, according to recent laboratory results.

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“We have already noticed this between the first and second dose: the immunity obtained after the second dose was higher than the first dose.”, Recalled LCI Professor Frederick Lapostol, an emergency physician at Avicenna Hospital in Babikni (see video above this article). “First results show that immunity acquired after the third dose is higher than after the second dose.”

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“The level of neutralization of antibodies after booster is very high, which is high after the second dose”, Confirmed to LCI Professor Frederick Adnett, emergency chief of Avicenna Hospital. High efficacy explained by the “boost” effect of the third dose. “This is a great classic vaccine”, He continues. “When the booster dose boosts the immune system again, when the antigen already injected into the body is in memory, it does not need to regenerate the immune system. So immediately, on a massive scale, it protects. This is true for a few diseases.”

However, thanks to research conducted in real life, this belief is yet to be confirmed. “Most Important to Evaluate Performance”, According to Professor Adnet. In France, it takes several weeks to reap the benefits … and learn more about this new protection period.

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