June 3, 2023

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Guadeloupe has been put on a red alert for heavy rain and thunderstorms as storm Fiona approaches

Strong tropical storm Fiona approaches the Guadalupe Archipelago. As a result, the department was placed on red alert on September 16, 2022, just before 6 PM. There is an orange alert for high winds and submerging waves.

According to the latest data from Météo France, at 6pm on Friday, September 16, the estimated center of Tropical Storm Fiona was located above Guadeloupe. The phenomenon is moving westward at 24 km/hr.

It prompted authorities to place the archipelago on a red alert for heavy rain and thunderstorms.

It has already been several days since Météo France’s services announced… Guadeloupe is expected to continue with stormy rain in the next few hours.

Thus, the rain will gradually intensify this evening but will take on a stormy character, especially during this night.
Heavy rains causing heavy flooding are to be feared during the next night. Several districts of the cities of Pointe-à-Pitre and Abymes are already on alert… Generally, these are flood-prone areas.

The locals, the public, have made their arrangements.


Rainfall of 150 mm or more is possible in 3 hours.

This Saturday, conditions will be milder with several passages of heavy and stormy rain.

Rainfall of 300 to 400mm, or locally more, is possible throughout the duration of the episode, which is estimated to end around 6am on Sunday.

Winds will weaken slightly in the evening and then turn south to south-southeast overnight, strengthening to an average speed of 60/80 km/h. It will have wind speed of 100/120 kmph during night time.

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By Saturday morning, the wind will turn east to east-southeast, weakening slightly, but by afternoon 80/90 km/h may gust to 60/70 km/h. Relief.

Fiona’s track will produce strong seas boosted by a weak northeasterly swell, with troughs of up to 4 meters across the Atlantic and Channel this evening. Tonight the troughs have decreased slightly from 3m 50 to 3m 80.

However, the sea should settle very quickly by the end of next night or Saturday morning. Tomorrow Saturday, another heavy sea early in the morning, 3m, turning rough with an east-northeasterly gale in the late afternoon.

The province decided to close the road from Saint-Louis to Saint-Claude at 6 p.m., due to the heavy rain expected in the early evening, which will intensify in the second half of the night, and its line is already overstretched. , as well as the Route de la Traversée at 7pm due to the risk of falling trees.

Air traffic will be suspended from 7pm tonight to Saturday noon tomorrow. It will resume only depending on favorable weather conditions, which will be assessed tomorrow morning.

This also applies to sea transport.

The governor is asking people to avoid all travel and stay at home.