June 3, 2023

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He travels with an inflatable toy to carpool: an unusual way to avoid traffic jams

An American was called to order by Arizona police after walking around with a passenger who was surrounded by surveillance cameras, and he couldn’t be more different: an inflatable toy bearing the image of the Grinch.

Surprise for this American policeman! During the police search, he was arrested by the unusual complexion of a passenger in the car Carpool route. Stopping the driver to talk to his partner, he saw the famous Grinch face to face in plastic.

A traveler in green

The toy that came with the driver was an image of the famous Grinch The Christmas Monster And scary speysport for the little ones. After a quick examination, the policeman discovers that the toy is actually an idler, not a carpooler. In the US, motorists can take out loans in this western US state Priority order If the car has several of them dedicated to carpooling.

Last week, #AZTrooper At 8 a.m. on Avondale Blvd on I-10, a driver was spotted in the high-occupancy vehicle (HOV) lane.
The trooper stops the driver and determines that the grumpy green boy is actually a blown-up Grinch. (No other passengers.) pic.twitter.com/YcOfZHJVoX

— Department of Public Safety (@Arizona_DPS) December 13, 2022

Un passenger “Seuss-pect”

This is the sentence of the Chief Minister who arrested this fraudulent motorist. In a tweet, the Department of Public Safety wrote that the motorist was arrested while riding “in a carpool lane with +passengers+Seuss-pect.” This suspicious passenger is none other than an inflatable doll bearing the image of the Grinch. Dr. Theodore SeussNow Seuss-pect.

While we appreciate the festivities, it was illegal & the driver received a citation for an HOV violation. Because of the extra traffic on AZ roads this time of year, make sure you understand the law (ARS 28-737) and the restricted hours before using the HOV lanes. Don’t get caught #Grinch!

— Department of Public Safety (@Arizona_DPS) December 13, 2022

If the policeman was quick to joke about the situation, he gave one more answer Well done To the driver who was playing Spoysport with his green doll. The US administration explained in its message that “if we enjoy the festive spirit, this is illegal”. Beware of jokes that play with the law, vacations are not synonymous with relaxation.

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