June 3, 2023

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Health Disorder: Curfew re-enacted at 8pm for two weeks – All Martinique News on the Internet

In the face of the health crisis, the provincial council announced on Tuesday evening (December 7) that it would strengthen security measures: the curfew order was re-enforced at 8pm and companies open to the public were exempted until 10pm. Not updated yet.

Under epidemiological indicators and health system – hospital and home – under difficulty, direct the Martinique editor-in-chief after local consultation to take a number of actions.

The curfew will be re-enforced from 8pm on Wednesday, December 8th. Any trip should be justified on the basis of family, health or professional nature.

Exemption for ERP (open to the public) is not renewed until 10pm.

During the inspection, the exceptional travel certificate must be submitted along with the supporting documents.

Face-to-face lessons are maintained

This system is in effect for 2 weeks and is subject to review rule.

Schools will use Level 3 “Orange” health protocol from Thursday, December 9, 2021, to maintain face-to-face learning until the Christmas holidays in a reinforced health care framework.

Details will be provided by the Rectorate and the heads of the companies.

To mitigate this 5th wave of epidemics, teleworking is highly recommended and should be preferred as soon as possible such as video conferencing and remote meeting.

“Many happy moments at the end of the year in the professional and ancillary structure need to be rediscovered to be safe,” the prefect notes. Vaccination is recommended from the age of 12 to protect yourself and reduce the circulation of the virus.

“Starting the vaccination tomorrow is a guarantee of quick and effective protection for this 5th wave,” Martinique concludes.

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