June 3, 2023

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Heat wave: Heat waves will last for 40 years according to UN

The secretary of the World Meteorological Organization draws a dangerous inventory.

This week, in many countriesEurope A terrible face Heat wave with some Temperatures 40 degrees Celsius is high. Events that will happen “More often in the next few decades”According to the World Meteorological Organization, a specialized agency of the United Nations. ‚ÄúNegative trend Climate Regardless of our success in mitigation, it will continue until at least 2060 Climate changeSecretary General of the organization Petteri Talas said in an intervention on Tuesday.

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Heatwave: More than 500 dead in Spain due to extreme heat

“Too Late to Save the Glaciers”

Thalas, too, felt that he was “It may be too late to hope for salvation GlaciersThey are expected to continue to melt for hundreds or thousands of years.

The France It is not only the country that suffers Heat wave. l’Spain It crossed the 500 death mark due to extreme heat and so on fire affect the country like Italy. beside him, I amEngland 40 degrees Celsius has been reached For the first time since registrations started.

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