April 1, 2023

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Himalayas: 13 swept away in two avalanches, ski champion Hilary Nelson missing in terrifying fall

All of them were engaged in climbing Manaslu, the eighth peak in the world.

No, the mountain is not a game, when you climb itThe Himalayas, better to prepare and enjoy. However, this is not always the case. This September, the Himalayan season is especially in full swing. Nepal Tourism Department has processed 506 climbing requests. 404 of them were given for this month alone and 15 different peaks. In this, the ManasluEighth highest peak in the world (8,163 meters).

Hilary Nelson passed away

However, this Monday, two Avalanches According to our colleagues at The Himalayan Times, that would have been triggered in quick succession. Quoted by La Vanguardia. Thirteen people were said to have been swept away, 4 injured and 1 killed. Balance which may increase in coming hours.

Just above the base camp of Manaslu is the fall of a monstrous Serak. Attraction takes its time, but always wins in the end.
Video by Dendy Sherpa pic.twitter.com/byvPShuIm2

— Etienne KLEIN (@EtienneKlein) September 24, 2022

In addition, extreme skier Hilary Nelson has also been reported missing. After climbing to the top of Manaslu and starting to descend on skis, according to the first elements, the American fell 25 meters through a vertical crack.

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