June 1, 2023

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His cousin pays him $ 1 million for his victory ticket, and she cheats on him and smashes him.

In the United States, a relative of a New Yorker went to recover a $ 1 million ticket and tried to defraud him. She only got back $ 13,000, but the lucky winner saw the fraud.

Winning big wins in potential games is not good. Dealing with money falling from the sky can be difficult. Whom to please, how generous … It is often said that the old acquaintance will soon resurface.

Fortunately, at such times, you can count on your family. Well, in theory … this American is not in a case of being abused by his cousin.

$ 1 million

Told at the beginning of the story New York Post, Everything is going well. While playing a $ 5 poker scratch game last October, this player from New York’s Long Island watches the stars align. Seven digits will be displayed: 1,000,000.

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Our winner was worried that the news would spread. He insists on protecting his anonymity at any cost and then calls his 34-year-old cousin who lives in Houston. He goes to her and asks her to return the gift, and in return he gives her $ 50,000.

She only reimburses him $ 13,000

She accepts the contract. A few weeks later, he returns to see his cousin, who presents him with a document explaining that he actually earned “$ 20,000.” After deducting taxes levied by the government, he pays him $ 13,000 in cash.

Cheating could have worked … if the state had not decided to contact the lottery winner! In a statement, he said a “winner” has the potential to pocket $ 537,440 (less than a million dollars in net tax).

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He recovers $ 318,000

The cousin, “Turkey of the Fires”, rushed to recall the good memories of the young woman who had not been removed: she denied the facts and threatened him with legal action. Justice finally seized the case and was able to recover $ 318,000 from the relative’s account.

“The accused abused his cousin’s trust, lied to him and carried most of his lottery ticket in his pocket.”, Said Acting Attorney Joyce Smith.

The fraudster will soon be prosecuted, he will be prosecuted for aggravated theft and face up to 15 years in prison. Meanwhile, his cousin has to pay $ 318,000 initially.