March 22, 2023

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Hurricane Ian is already causing ‘catastrophic sea inundation, wind and flooding’

A Category 4 hurricane is expected to hit the west coast of the Florida peninsula immediately, with the nation’s weather service warning the storm will be “historic.”

l’Cyclone Ian is already provokingSea flooding, wind and catastrophic floodingIn Florida, the National Hurricane Center (NHC) said in its latest bulletin on Wednesday, September 28. A Category 4 hurricane is expected to make an immediate impact on the west coast of the Florida peninsula, with the nation’s weather service warning that the storm will be “historical».

250 km/hr sustained winds and still blowing “Strong“Hurricane later”Move inland“in the daytime, and”It will emerge over the western Atlantic on Thursday evening».

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According to the NHC, 30 to 45 cm of rain is expected in central and northeast Florida, with up to 60 cm in some places. Ocean inundation events may exceed five meters at the beach. “This is the storm that has been talked about for years“, Director of the US Weather Services (NWS) Ken Graham was attacked during a press conference, “Historical event».

«Very powerful»

In the morning, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis warned that Ian could make landfall as a Category 5 hurricane, the highest on the Saffir-Simpson scale. “Clearly, this is a very powerful hurricane that will have far-reaching effects“, he argued. Evacuation orders were issued overnight for a dozen counties along the coast. The director of FEMA (the federal agency responsible for natural disaster management) confirmed that Ian will continue to be a storm.Very dangerous» pourcoming days».

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A U.S. Postal Service mailbox is filled as Hurricane Ian approaches the Florida Gulf Coast in Sarasota, Florida, U.S., on September 28, 2022. Steve Nesius / Reuters

Officials are getting readyTo the historic and catastrophic consequences we have already begun to see“Dean Criswell said during a press conference. In Port Charlotte, a town of about 64,000 people on Florida’s west coast, dozens of motorists were still driving on the streets Wednesday morning despite rain and strong winds, AFP journalist noted. As a result of the storm’s onset, the sea receded in the estuary near Charlotte Harbor and more Small boats rest on dry land.


On Tuesday, Joe Biden also warned that Ian “.Can be a very violent hurricane, the impact of which can be devastating and endanger lives». «The closer he gets, the more nervous he is with the unknownChelsea Thompson, 30, watched as she helped her parents secure their home Tuesday in an evacuation zone southwest of Tampa. According to, more than 270,000 homes were already without power in Florida as of 11:25 am (5:25 pm).

Shelves stand empty at an Altis grocery store in Titusville, Florida, Sept. 28, 2022, as Hurricane Ian batters the east coast of central Florida. Jim Watson/AFP

Ahead of Ian’s arrival, Tampa airport suspended operations Tuesday afternoon, while Orlando did so at 10:30 a.m. (4:30 p.m.) Wednesday. According to the Pentagon, 3,000 National Guardsmen have been mobilized in Florida and another 1,800 are on the way. NASA canceled Tuesday’s launch of its new mega-rocket to the moon from Kennedy Space Center in Florida.

Aggravation is rapid

Hurricane Ian, then a Category 3, hit Cuba on Tuesday, causing devastation five hours west of the country before heading toward the Gulf of Mexico, according to the Cuban Meteorological Agency Insmed. Cuban state media said two people were killed in the western province of Pinar del Rio. The island and its 11.2 million people were plunged into complete darkness. As the surface of the oceans warms, with stronger winds and more precipitation, the frequency of more intense hurricanes increases, but not the total number of hurricanes.

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Sarasota County Sheriff’s deputies block access to the downtown bridge leading to the barrier islands as Hurricane Ian approaches the Florida Gulf Coast in Sarasota, Florida, U.S., on September 28, 2022. Steve Nesius / Reuters

According to Gary Luckman, a professor of atmospheric sciences at North Carolina State University in the US, many studies have found a “Ownership is possibleClimate change, and is known as a phenomenonIntensification is rapid– When a relatively weak tropical storm strengthens into a Category 3 or greater hurricane within 24 hours, as with Ian. “The consensus is that there will be fewer storms in the future, but the biggest ones will be more intense.“, the scientist informed AFP.

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