June 1, 2023

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“I have warned the national authorities that I had a negative opinion on the border of contempt,” regrets Ariz Salas, regional leader.

After another night of violence in Guadeloupe on the sidelines of protests against health restrictions, regional leader Ari Salas “Call for Peace, for Talks”. As a guest of franceinfo on Saturday 20th November, the elected representative regretted not being invited to the crisis unit headed by Interior Minister Gerald Dorman on Saturday 20th November. Ari Salas points out that he is “I had the courage to call on the Minister of Health to find a solution as soon as possible to completely avoid what is happening in Guadeloupe.” But he had “Negative return to the limit of contempt”.

franceinfo: What is the current situation?

Ari Salas: It’s always been like that, the breakers, the burners, the roadblocks are always young people. The economy of Guadeloupe is in danger, and we regret this. We condemn the looting of shops and the burning of shops. I call for silence, for dialogue, for consultation. There is a crisis meeting tonight (Saturday, November 20) and I hope the relevant authorities will do what is necessary to try to calm things down. We have made proposals so that we can carry out health activities: firefighters and caregivers can periodically check in and respect the restraining gestures while waiting for them to settle together. The most popular tourist islands. But the image we express today is not good for our territory.

Police opened fire last night (Friday, November 19). Are you sure? And are only the youth leading this insurgency?

I knew there were live ammunition and it was unacceptable. I appeal for a reason, because it affects Guadeloupe, Guadeloupe families will cry later, because there is a risk that many people will lose their jobs when you burn down businesses … I repeat, I will vaccinate. I advise anyone who wants to be vaccinated to consult their doctor. I am against the restrictions imposed on nursing staff. Today we need to find a solution. Knowing the difficulties we face in Guadeloupe, we cannot snatch the salaries of these people. We are more than 40 years behind France in our economic growth. Today we can not drop the Guadeloupe. I warned the national authorities and the concerned ministers. I had the courage to call on the Minister of Health to quickly find a solution to completely avoid what was happening in Guadeloupe. I had a negative opinion on the border of contempt for Guadeloupe.

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Did you know that a crisis unit led by Interior Minister Gerald Dorman was held this evening (Saturday)?

You say it. I am the leader of the region anyway. You may have invited me especially since I am currently in Paris. It again shows how we view the Guadeloupe and how we view the selected Guadeloupe. We have ideas, we can consult, we can discuss with our unions, the economic world to find solutions. Many times we know how to do it because we know things are in danger of exploding. Today I say, it is not normal.