April 1, 2023

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If Putin had been a woman he would not have started the war

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin would not have started the war in Ukraine if he had been a woman, and that it was desirable for women to remain in power.

If Putin had been a woman, I do not think he would have been caught up in this insane arson war if he had not been so outspoken.“On purpose”For the invasion“From Ukraine”, He told the German television channel ZDF on Tuesday evening. The war was sparked by Russia “A great example of male toxicity,” he added.

She’s generally called for a better education for young women around the world, and more should be there. “Women in positions of power“In addition, the head of the British government agreed.”Everyone wants the war to end“, But for now”No possible agreement, Putin did not offer a chance at peace“If the Western strategy is to immediately support Ukraine and start a one-day peace talks with Moscow, it will allow it to remain in a better strategic position,” he said.

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