May 30, 2023

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In Algeria, rival Karim Tabo was arrested

The Algerian League for Human Rights (LADDH) on Friday evening, April 29, announced the arrest of Karim Tabo, a leader of the pro-democracy movement Hirak in Algeria. “We do not yet know the reasons for this new arrest.” The human rights organization said on its Facebook page.

“Stop instrumentalizing justice, opinion is not a crime”The National Committee for the Release of Prisoners (CNLD) also announced the arrest of the activist on Facebook. “In his house”.

On April 26, Mr. Wrong posted one on Facebook “Tribute to Hakeem Depassi”55, was arrested in February for posting on social media, and his death was announced by LADDH earlier this week. “Physically dead are more likely than martyrs to be alive for just cause”Mr. Tabbou says in his release that he is blaming authorities for his death following a heart attack.

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“Of course the power will last and will be solely responsible for his death”, Mr. Tapu continues in his message. He also paid tribute to Mr. Debbie, whom he described “Child of the People, humble and humble citizen, father of three children who dedicated body and soul to Hirak.”. Mr. According to Tabbou, the deceased was “Carried the full weight of the demands expressed in Hirak on his weak shoulders”In which he became “One of the leading animators in his circle” Of Hudjout (west of the country).

“We will preserve the spirit of his sacrifice, persevere, and continue our struggle for the rule of law. Be at peace, Hakeem, your struggle will not be in vain.”In his release Mr. Adds Daboo.

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About 300 protesters are still in jail

Kareem Tabo was sentenced in December 2020 to one year in prison Pour “Undermining national security”, The sentence that allowed him not to return to prison. He was arrested in September 2019 in connection with the case and was jailed for nine months before being granted parole in July 2020.

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In another case, Kareem Tabo was convicted on appeal in March 2020 One year in prison on the same charge“Undermining national security”, The punishment he received was due to a video posted on his party’s Facebook page criticizing the military’s involvement in political affairs.

The leader of a small opposition party that is not recognized by the authorities, the Democratic and Social Union (UDS), is one of Hirak’s most famous faces, marked by large demonstrations from February 2019 to early 2020, which led to the ouster of the president. Apothecary Poutfilica, who ruled for twenty years in April 2019.

According to the CNLD, about 300 people are still incarcerated in Algeria in connection with the protection of hirac or personal liberty.

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