February 9, 2023

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In Belgium, school children are just a week ahead of the Christmas holidays

The Belgian school is bringing the Christmas holidays a week ahead for students

Kindergartens and elementary schools in Belgium will close their doors a week before the Christmas holidays, Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Groo announced on Friday in an effort to curb the spread of Govt-19.

“We must take action to reduce the pressure on hospitals as soon as possible.” Who does not “Invincible”, The head of government, on Saturday revealed the tightening of restrictions in the country. “Autumn wave heavier than expected”.

He therefore announced that the Christmas holiday for Nursery and Primary Education would begin on December 18th. In schools – and where adults are needed – wearing a mask is now mandatory from the age of 6. In the secondary, classes will be organized in mixed form, with up to 50% face-to-face teaching until the Christmas holidays.

From Monday, indoor events will also be limited to a maximum of 200 people, with the public required to sit and wear a mask. This rule applies especially to theaters or conferences. Indoor sports activities are still recognized, but without spectators. Outdoor events such as football matches can be held in unlimited numbers of people.

Belgium had already tightened its restrictions on November 26, forcing nightclubs to close and encouraging people to restrict its contacts and activities indoors. Measures affecting cafes and restaurants remain unchanged. These establishments should be closed at 11pm and customers should be seated and no more than six people per table. The duty to deliver four days a week is also in force.

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