June 3, 2023

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In Burma, dozens of people were killed in burned vehicles

In Burma on Saturday, December 25, the remains of about 30 people, including women and children, were found in burnt-out vehicles, accusing an insurgent officer and a volunteer organization of killing them.

Save the Children, a voluntary organization, has announced that it has two employees in Burma “Missing”. We have confirmed that their private vehicle was attacked and set on fire., In an attack on Friday in the eastern state of Gaya, the Children’s Rights Organization said in a statement. Both employees were returning home after a humanitarian mission in the region, which Save the Children said had suspended its operations in several regions.

On December 25, 2021, the remains of about 30 people were found in burning vehicles in Burma.

“Conflicts” for the military in power

Photos of two trucks and a car being set on fire on the road in Hpruso Township were posted on social media Saturday. An official of the rebel opposition to the ruling military junta said the People’s Security Forces (PDF) and its militants had found the vehicles in the morning. “When we went to inspect the area this morning, we found burnt bodies in two trucks. We found 27 bodies, He told Agence France-Presse (AFP) anonymously.

Said another witness “27 Skulls” Identified, “But there were other corpses in the truck, and they burned innumerable.”. Myanmar Witness Observatory said. “On December 24, 35 people, including children and women, were burned to death by the army in the province of Hpruso.”.

On December 25, photos of two trucks and a car being set on fire on a road in Hpruso Township were posted on social media.

Junda spokesman Zhao Min Tun said clashes erupted in Hebrew on Friday as soldiers tried to stop seven cars from driving that way. “Suspicious”. A spokesman told AFP that they had killed several people during the violence.

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Junta abuses and uprisings

Burma 1 fell into disarray from the regimeThere is February, which marked the end of ten years of democratic change. Former Nobel Peace Prize laureate Aung San Suu Kyi has been placed under house arrest following a military coup against her government.

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In ten months, more than 1,300 civilians have been killed, according to the local NGO Association for Assistance to Political Prisoners, which reports torture and illegal executions. In response, PDF civilian militants have sprouted up in the country and continue to back down from the powerful Burmese army.

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