June 3, 2023

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In Guadeloupe, health pass opponents forcibly enter the walls of the regional council

The mobilization against the Health Pass will not fall in the Guadeloupe. On Thursday, December 23, Sanitary Antipass collective protesters exploded on a Guadeloupe Regional Council hemisphere in Basse-Terre, smashing windows and other objects.

“Coalition broke down the entrance gate and the door of the reception hall and entered the hemicycle at the end of a full session.”, According to the Regional Communications Manager. He further told the electorate “Time to leave the hemicycle” And the region’s leader, Ari Salas, “Locked himself in his office”.

According to pictures aired by local channel Guadeloupe 1st, Protesters stormed in singing hemicycles. “Do not vaccinate! Do not pass the health “, Read under a banner. “There are over a hundred people on the hemicycle”, According to the regional press service, but overall these “More than 400 people” Occupiers of the premises, including those staying outside. “They’re preventing us from going out.”, She added.

In Guadeloupe, resistance to the vaccine is strong. In November the archipelago was affected by a protest movement, sometimes violent, born out of opposition to the duty of nursing staff and firefighters to vaccinate against Govt-19. Widespread social demands emerged later. These protests are run by a group of organizations, especially unions and citizens, which are very demanding.

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Events in many places

Negotiations to begin resolving the crisis were abandoned in mid-December, and did not resume after elected officials left the negotiating table – the coalition’s main demand for a return to vaccine duty – came under state capabilities. , Not theirs. In order to meet other requests, they developed their proposals on social and family questions on a website.

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This weekend, protests took place in several places on the island. On Saturday, protesters blocked access to the island’s largest shopping center, crowding the area for several hours, just days before Christmas.

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Then there was a fire in the hypermarket. After the complaint is made by the management of the establishment, the investigation should be decided “If the two facts are related”, Was prosecuted by the Point Pedro.

Violence continues within the Pointe-it-Pitre CHU against management and non-suspended caretakers. During an earlier incursion into the region’s headquarters in late October, protesters hoisted the French flag in the province with Guadeloupe’s independence flag.

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