June 3, 2023

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In Mali, the heart of power has been struck by jihadists

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The attackers did not achieve their goal, but they succeeded in their demonstration: the ability to strike Mali’s power at its heart. Their destination: Saundyata CampKeida is in the garrison town of Gadi, 15 kilometers from Bamako, both of which are major military bases. Mali and the home of its current president, Colonel Azimi Koita, and its powerful defense minister, Colonel Sadio Kamara. Attacked by “Terrorists of Khatiba Masina”Its elements are usually operating in the center of Mali, in the early hours of Friday July 22, “With two car bombs packed with explosives”A press release from the staff of the Armed Forces of Mali mentions a death within the Malian army and at this point “Seven attackers neutralized”.

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“A very loud explosion woke us up around 5 am. A second later, and then there was a shot. But now the situation is under control and people are relieved. Army helicopters fly over the city, which is completely surroundedA resident of the camp’s surroundings explained Friday at the start of the day. To say they are jihadis or mutineers would be a lie.”he said cautiously.

On Thursday, six operations attributed to Katiba Macina targeted military bases in the center of the country.

The practical course of action, however, confirms first suspicions that it has focused on armed Islamists rather than fighters opposing the ruling military regime, while jihadist attacks have recently moved closer to the capital. On Thursday, six operations, clearly coordinated and attributed to Katiba Macina, one of the elements of the Support Group for Islam and Muslims, targeted the military bases of Ségou, Douentza, Koro, Bapho, Sévaré and Kolokani in the center of the country. . Mali’s civil servants described the attacks “Complex and Simultaneous”.

In the past, more violent but localized operations have been organized by jihadist groups, but this proliferation of military targets on the same day is new. Additionally, a July 14-15 attack on the Zantiquila security post, 50 kilometers from Bamako, killed six people and demonstrated its ability to operate near the capital.

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